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Metaphorically Speaking, Trippin on a Tripster and July Birthdays on a Throwback Thursday

I kind of having a busy tough week tending to personal documentations which means that for days now I have been spending lots of time dealing with government offices.  Pardon me but I am very vocal about me feeling uneasy when transacting with government employees.  I don’t think I need to explain further on why. And today when I decided to take a break from documentation my day started to be frustrating again when my internet and phone started acting up again!  Ok ok breath in and breath out… let me focus and think of the happy things that I can share with you.  Let’s start with - Metaphorically Speaking with Jonathan Metaphorically Speaking is one of the blogs that I am following which I consider as a very well-written one.  This blog is written in the English language and obviously the blogger knows the language very well.  The grammar is immaculately-flawless and the blog’s content speaks for its title and vice-versa.  I don’t know much about the blogger (then) but I know

Photo Talk: Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2013

Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival will be held on July 26 to August 4, 2013 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (and also in Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma).  Here are the finalists for the New Breed Category (main category) and the Directors Showcase:    NEW BREED CATEGORY 10 FINALISTS Diplomat Hotel by Christopher Ad Castillo Transit by Hannah Espia Siyam by Joseph Israel Laban Babagwa by Jason Paul C. Laxamana Primera Bella by Richard S. Legaspi Purok 7 by Carlo Obispo David F by Emmanuel Palo Rekorder by Mikhail Red Quick Change by Eduardo Roy Jr. Debosyon by Alvin B. Yapan DIRECTORS SHOWCASE 5 FINALISTS Porno by Adolf B. Alix, Jr. Amor’y Muerte by Cesar Evangelista Extra by Jeffrey Jeturian The Liars by Gil M. Portes Sana Dati by Jerrold Tarog Cinemalaya also has a Short Film competition and other sections for exhibition films.  You can check this link for more details. Meanwhile let me give yo

Lebron James Live in Manila: Witness The Ticket Frenzy

My July is really turning real good!  Apart from the better days and blessings that is coming along my way, my basketball idol LeBron James is coming to Manila!  LEBRON JAMES LIVE IN MANILA!  Yey!  The Meet and Greet is happening on July 23, 2013 at MOA Arena, Mall of Asia, Pasay City Philippines. NikePH announced that the tickets for the Lebron James visit to Manila will be distributed for free at Nike Park in Bonifacio Global City, Tagig at 12NN of July 17.  I got excited and started monitoring the event.  However, when people started camping out at the ticket distribution venue I can feel that my chance to have a ticket is bleak.  In as much as I’m a huge LBJ fan and dying to see my idol in person for a once in a lifetime experience I’m not a camp out person (sigh).  The last camped out I did for non-girl’s scout activity was when Pope John Paul II visited Manila. Even then I did not camp out overnight.  I just searched my friend’s camp site out of the millions of crowd in Luneta

Throw Back on the Third Thursday of July 2013

I’m supposed to be posting today something about the Lebron James visit in Manila but a fellow blogger invited me to join Throwback Thursday post so let’s do this! Don’t you ever dare think that I'm already an adult during the 60s!!! You people how could you? Just kidding ha ha! The photos were taken some five years back during a holiday party with a 1960’s motif.  Not only that my group won a special presentation contest but I was also chosen as a candidate for “Best in 60’s Outfit”.  I didn't win though.  For those who are interested to know from whose/what trunk I dug my outfit: Wig – a fellow group member brought a sack full of wig that made us all flabbergasted and asked in unison “Where the hell did you get these wigs?” Tops and Skirt - purchased separately from a thrift shop. Black pantyhose - a present from a friend from Australia which I never realized the value until this party – it’s a CK. Leaving in a tropical country I don’t normally wear stockings

July Must Have Heard My Plea. It’s Starting To Be Good To Me

Pardon me for my rants and ramblings at the beginning of this month.  I hope I did not annoy or bore you too much.  I want to THANK everybody who bear with me and sent their good luck wishes.  The good news is that your wishes are all working!  July must have heard your good wishes and my plea - I can feel that  it’s starting to be good to me. I received a wonderful blessing yesterday.  I apologize if I can’t share the details because I find it funny and I don’t want you all laughing at me (LOL to myself). But to give a clue - this will make me very busy again in the coming days. On the day that I was waiting for this news I’ve been sitting for hours waiting and I was starting to be impatient.  I rummaged to my bag to find a pen thinking of scribbling something that I can use for my blogs.  As my hand do the blind search from my (huge) bag, I found this small book. Oh yeah I almost forgot!  One day that I was hurrying out for some errands I picked this book on top of the three

July Please Be Good To Me

So I got stuck in the elevator today – July 5th, Friday!   That is while I’m running late for an appointment.  And may I also rant that my left toe is throbbing in pain while I’m writing this. Well the left toe has nothing to do with what happened on the 1st of July.  But it definitely has something to do with what happened on the 2nd day of July. Ok ok let me wrap it up! July 1st, Monday I woke up trying to inhale all the positive vibes because “It’s July” – it kept echoing in my head. Coffee and running is my way of starting the day right.  Before finishing my morning cup I had a quick trip to the bathroom then hurried back to the breakfast table.  Suddenly there was… Screetch!  – my left foot stepping on an imaginary break to stop my whole body going down. Dhag !–my right knee hit the floor (Louder) Dhag ! – my left palm hit the sink structure. Wham!  – the kitchen spring door slammed at my back! Aaw! Aaaaaaw! No! I’m not wearing high heels! I’m barefoot at home