Metaphorically Speaking, Trippin on a Tripster and July Birthdays on a Throwback Thursday

I kind of having a busy tough week tending to personal documentations which means that for days now I have been spending lots of time dealing with government offices.  Pardon me but I am very vocal about me feeling uneasy when transacting with government employees.  I don’t think I need to explain further on why.

And today when I decided to take a break from documentation my day started to be frustrating again when my internet and phone started acting up again!  Ok ok breath in and breath out… let me focus and think of the happy things that I can share with you.  Let’s start with -

Metaphorically Speaking with Jonathan

Metaphorically Speaking is one of the blogs that I am following which I consider as a very well-written one.  This blog is written in the English language and obviously the blogger knows the language very well.  The grammar is immaculately-flawless and the blog’s content speaks for its title and vice-versa.  I don’t know much about the blogger (then) but I know that his name is Jonathan.  Later as we started following each other’s blogs I started to know more about Jonathan.  I learned that he’s a teacher based in Thailand and that he’s been blogging since 2007 – wow!  The more I read about his entries the more I perceive him not only a blogger but a quality writer.  He really writes good that’s why I was so surprised (and flattered of course) when he complimented my narratives.

I was more surprised when after commenting on one of his posts he mentioned that I won a prize which he will hand to me when he comes home. 

Jonathan asked me to tell him what I want as a “present” but I really can’t think of anything in particular.  And I don’t want to bother him by looking for something particular for me while preparing for his home coming. So I told him anything will do but he keeps thoughtfully asking.   So to stop Jonathan from stressing himself I told him to bring me an elephant from Thailand ha ha.  A real smart this guy is, he really brought me an elephant. A very cute elephant that I can use as soap dish (smart eh?). If you want to know what’s the other present in the photo you can ask Jonathan about that.  He handed it to me with  complete demo on how to use that.  I understood Jonathan’s demo but I can’t explain it here (lol).


To cut the story short Jonathan and I met at the Mall of Asia last July 21, a Sunday afternoon . It was very kind of him to meet me at a place that is very accessible (and comfortable) for me.  I apologize to drag him to MOA on a Sunday.  I forgot how crowded the place is during Sundays.  He waited near the bowling alley fronting Bo’s Coffee and very politely asked me if I have some time to chit chat.  (Btw, Deja vu!  Bos Coffee is where I met with two blogger friends Arvin of Chateau de Archieviner and Jay of About Jay’s Journey blogs.)

The short chit chat did not happen. What could you expect when two bloggers meet for the first time? We talked about our blogs, your blogs and of course bloggers (grinning)! We had coffee at a (little) less crowded Country Style coffee shop and we talked for more than an hour.  It’s kind of impossible to cut short a talk when you are talking to a fellow blogger who happens to be a very intelligent person and can speak fluent Tagalog, Mandarin and English (with a very nice twang). If it wasn’t that my family is waiting from a nearby church and the coffee shop starting to be (over) filled with people also, maybe we would talk longer.

Thanks again Jonathan for the meet up and for the wonderful presents.  The elephant is too cute to be in the bathroom so it is temporarily occupying a space in my home desk.  I’m sure we will be meeting again and talking more in the future.

Trippin’ on a Tripster

Now let’s go on trippin’ with somebody-who’s-famous-for-his-epic-comments-and-writes-using-high-
fallutin’–words-that-will-make-your-nose-bleed-and-leave-you-flabbergasted-and-who-sometimes-calls-himself-echoserong-froglet-and-knows-so-much-about-the-Philippine-government-and-its-politicians-while-living-in-stylish-Italy.  (I hope I did it as effective as he does LOL).

Hubby was leaving for work when the mailman arrived.  He handed me something that seemed to look like a prescription. I was about to ask hubby “Who’s prescription is this?” when he volunteered “It’s a postcard!”. It says "from your number 1 paparazzi”

I excitedly grabbed the card and read the message.  My forehead automatically frowned.  I tried to read again what seems to be a message scrambled err scribbled on the card. I was in the verge of calling a “decoder” when I flip the card. What I saw brings an instant smile on my face. A beautiful post card from Italy!


After I enjoyed looking at the awesome photograph/post card. I realized I need to sit down and read intently and patiently… then more intently and more patiently… and after I reached the superlative degree for both intent and patience I am now laughing and smiling at the funny message written by the famous “epic commentator” in the blogosphere – Tripster Guy!

If you can’t understand the message written on this card it’s because I posted it as inverted and blurry, not because of the handwriting. LOL

If I’m going to write a reply to TG now, this will be my message:
Dear TG,
I never really thought that you’re the kind of person who will be sending post card.  Well that is basing my perception of you according to your blog’s content.  You are absolutely sweet (translation: worried) for asking me if I was able to decipher your hand writing.  Just a thought - if you happen to be writing your epic comments by hand I bet nobody will care to read them ha ha ha.
Rest assured that I will keep my mouth shut about the “paparazzi/hit man” thing (wink*).
Balut aka AJ of Manila
What kind of threat did you say to the postal people?  The card is delivered to me from Italy within 7 days?  That's kind of a record breaker!
And this is the thanks you got from me TG for sending me a post card. ha ha ha!

Seriously, thank you very much for the thoughts of “sending me Italy”. I love it!  It is one place I fancied about and as you know how I’m curious about Genoa. Thanks again and  I am now waiting for Genoa postcard with your face on it (grinning).

July Birthday Greetings on a Throwback Thursday

And talking about bloggers interaction, I would like to especially mention three more awesome blogger friends.

Way back March of this year during my birthday I requested from blogger friends for a picture greetings.  These three friends are among the thoughtful bloggers who granted my request.  Now it’s my turn to thank them through these special greetings here on my blog!

A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Genskie of Genskie's Written Voices who celebrated her birthday on July 21st.


A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bagotilyo of Bagotilyo who is celebrating his birthday today July 25th.


And a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to blogosphere's sweetest and most supportive boy MEcoy of I am MEcoy and Ako si Mecoy who is also celebrating his birthday today July 25th.

Since today is Thursday and MEcoy is a self-confessed cam-whore (lol).  I am posting something related to Throwback Thursday for you MEcoy instead of a screen shot of your blog. I hope you don’t mind me digging from your precious “cam-whore treasures” (lol).


There it is!  The blogger friends that made my day and week a brighter one! I’m so blessed to know you all dear friends in the blogosphere!

Photo Talk: Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2013

Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival will be held on July 26 to August 4, 2013 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (and also in Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma).  Here are the finalists for the New Breed Category (main category) and the Directors Showcase:   

  • Diplomat Hotel by Christopher Ad Castillo
  • Transit by Hannah Espia
  • Siyam by Joseph Israel Laban
  • Babagwa by Jason Paul C. Laxamana
  • Primera Bella by Richard S. Legaspi
  • Purok 7 by Carlo Obispo
  • David F by Emmanuel Palo
  • Rekorder by Mikhail Red
  • Quick Change by Eduardo Roy Jr.
  • Debosyon by Alvin B. Yapan
  • Porno by Adolf B. Alix, Jr.
  • Amor’y Muerte by Cesar Evangelista
  • Extra by Jeffrey Jeturian
  • The Liars by Gil M. Portes
  • Sana Dati by Jerrold Tarog
Cinemalaya also has a Short Film competition and other sections for exhibition films.  You can check this link for more details. Meanwhile let me give you a glimpse through the billboard photos of the Indie films that will be exhibited. The photos were taken using my mobile phone during my morning run at the CCP Complex.





Let’s support the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2013!

Lebron James Live in Manila: Witness The Ticket Frenzy

My July is really turning real good!  Apart from the better days and blessings that is coming along my way, my basketball idol LeBron James is coming to Manila!  LEBRON JAMES LIVE IN MANILA!  Yey!  The Meet and Greet is happening on July 23, 2013 at MOA Arena, Mall of Asia, Pasay City Philippines.

NikePH announced that the tickets for the Lebron James visit to Manila will be distributed for free at Nike Park in Bonifacio Global City, Tagig at 12NN of July 17.  I got excited and started monitoring the event.  However, when people started camping out at the ticket distribution venue I can feel that my chance to have a ticket is bleak.  In as much as I’m a huge LBJ fan and dying to see my idol in person for a once in a lifetime experience I’m not a camp out person (sigh).  The last camped out I did for non-girl’s scout activity was when Pope John Paul II visited Manila. Even then I did not camp out overnight.  I just searched my friend’s camp site out of the millions of crowd in Luneta and stayed at their camp until the Pope arrived.

Also, Nike Park BGC is not very accessible to me and my normally-chaotic-schedule would definitely can not accommodate some time for queuing or camping out. I maybe able to stand a maximum of three hours queuing for a guaranteed ticket but apart from that I doubt it.

Even so, I still headed to Nike park on July 17 the official date of release of free tickets.  I’m not expecting that I could still get a free ticket.  But I want to witness and feel the fans frenzy on James visit.   So I was there at exactly 12NN in spite of hubby’s de-motivation reasoning about the weather (it was raining), the risk of stampede or trouble-making people.

The very organized queue at Nike Park BGC main entrance during the distribution of the actual tickets for the early campers.Image00052

It was easy to befriend anyone probably because we share a common denominator – we are all James’ fans.   In half an hour I was chatting with fellow fans like we were long time friends.  They share to me their stories and let me share them with you.

During the heavy downpour on Tuesday night the Nike people decided to give the early campers a claim stub and marked their fingers an indelible ink  so they could go home for the night and rest.  Some of the campers were there since Monday night.  The color of the stubs are yellow, then green, then blue. Each color of stub has a designated claim time.  Later I learned that all those who has the yellow, green and blue stamps got Upper Box” tickets.  I’m not sure if there are other stub colors.

The distribution procedure was very strict.  Claimers should present their claim stub plus, show the indelible ink- marked finger and a valid ID. The ID will then be stamped with red indelible ink and will be recorded. Some were not lucky enough to get the free tickets.  In spite that they queued the night before and have the stubs they don’t have an ID with them (tsk!). They reasoned that there was no announcement that an ID is required.
Image00037 green stub

Jordan and friends are among the lucky fans who got UPPER BOX tickets.
Two of their friends were not lucky enough because they can't present an ID during the distribution

They deserved these tickets considering what they did for a chance to see their idol.  They were  there since daytime of Tuesday until the heavy downpour on Tuesday night.  Those who got tickets earlier than them were there since Monday night (OMG!).  On Tuesday night during the heavy downpour they were given the claim stubs and were instructed to go home and just come back on the following day during the official distribution schedule (12NN). Good thing that Jordan and friends know somebody who lives within the vicinity where they sleep over.  It would be very tiring and expensive to go back and forth from Cavite.  Yes they are from Cavite!

The crowd enduring the heavy rain on Tuesday night  (photo courtesy of King James E. – the fan :)Tuesday Night

While there’s an on going distribution of tickets at the official venue, there’s another very long queue at a vacant lot at the back of the Nike Park.  This is the crowd that I first saw when hubby dropped me off along 7th avenue.  I almost backed out when I saw this crowd.  According to the securities they stopped/advised the people from queuing because there are no more tickets for them.  They closed the steel borders that are enclosing this huge number of crowd.  I later learned that these people are just “today’s crowd”.  They don’t have the stub that were distributed the night before. The organizers announced that they may not be enough tickets for this batch however some people still queued to take their chances.  Apart from this people there are still lots of people from the nearby park and restaurants.  This is the first time I saw this place as crowded as this time.  I always mentioned from my other posts that this Nike Park is one of my favorite place and I have several photos taken from here and it is always not crowded

The view from 7th Avenue (across the street). Image00007

Media vans from almost all stations were present and there’s a very tight security forced stationed in each every corner. There were also ambulances.

Image00022 Image00028

Order of the day is a “James #6” Miami Jersey.  There’s always one wearing in every few yards.  I’m not wearing mine that day.


The ticket distribution for those with claim stubs is still on going until I left.  There was no sign of trouble.  I could say that the ticket distribution is very organized and the security people handled the event successfully – kudos to the organizers!

The Nike people announced that ticket selling is prohibited and that they will take actions against those who will make business out of it. Oh well that seem some kind of “mission impossible”.  Several meters away from the Nike Park, I still can hear people whispering about ticket selling and bargaining.  Some elite-looking people (even foreigners) were asking for tickets for sale. 

I myself is not into buying free tickets (“scalpering”).  I will just dream that somebody will throw me a free ticket (wish ko lang), if not I will just find a way to see James out of the meet and greet event.  Anyway my being a big fan does not stop in not seeing him in person.

Anyway for those fanatic who will do everything to secure a ticket from scalpers – make sure that the tickets are not fake okay?  Here take a look of the sample of a real LeBron James Live in Manila free ticket (Wink*)!

Front ViewImage00040
Back ViewImage00041

Throw Back on the Third Thursday of July 2013

I’m supposed to be posting today something about the Lebron James visit in Manila but a fellow blogger invited me to join Throwback Thursday post so let’s do this!

Don’t you ever dare think that I'm already an adult during the 60s!!! You people how could you? TBT (2)

Just kidding ha ha!
The photos were taken some five years back during a holiday party with a 1960’s motif.  Not only that my group won a special presentation contest but I was also chosen as a candidate for “Best in 60’s Outfit”.  I didn't win though.  For those who are interested to know from whose/what trunk I dug my outfit:
  • Wig – a fellow group member brought a sack full of wig that made us all flabbergasted and asked in unison “Where the hell did you get these wigs?”
  • Tops and Skirt - purchased separately from a thrift shop.
  • Black pantyhose - a present from a friend from Australia which I never realized the value until this party – it’s a CK.
    Leaving in a tropical country I don’t normally wear stockings because I think it’s a punishment to my leg’s pores.
  • Shoes - I’m wearing my all time favorite Geox boots.
    I so love this boots that if it comes to the point that it’s no longer wearable - I’ll die! 
By the way apparently Throwback Thursday has some rules.

I found this online. Credits to the owner
There! I hope you enjoyed my “throwbacking” this third Thursday of July.  I hope I can think of a better one next Thursday but for now…
Well, shake it up, baby now
(Shake it up, baby)
Twist and shout
(Twist and shout) ♫

July Must Have Heard My Plea. It’s Starting To Be Good To Me

Pardon me for my rants and ramblings at the beginning of this month.  I hope I did not annoy or bore you too much.  I want to THANK everybody who bear with me and sent their good luck wishes.  The good news is that your wishes are all working!  July must have heard your good wishes and my plea - I can feel that  it’s starting to be good to me.

I received a wonderful blessing yesterday.  I apologize if I can’t share the details because I find it funny and I don’t want you all laughing at me (LOL to myself). But to give a clue - this will make me very busy again in the coming days.

On the day that I was waiting for this news I’ve been sitting for hours waiting and I was starting to be impatient.  I rummaged to my bag to find a pen thinking of scribbling something that I can use for my blogs.  As my hand do the blind search from my (huge) bag, I found this small book.

Oh yeah I almost forgot!  One day that I was hurrying out for some errands I picked this book on top of the three books stacked on my home desk that are on queue for my reading.  It was the day after I experienced a horrible queuing at the bank.  I remember throwing it on my bag thinking it would be a lot of help if in case I will be trapped in such situation again.  Using of mobile phones and gadgets are not allowed in most banks here in Manila so I grabbed this book to help me bear the annoying (and near to inhuman) waiting time. (See I developed a “queue phobia” this month ha ha.).

As you can see in the photo the book is still wrap with its original packaging.  It looks exactly like this when I put it on my bag. It’s my habit not to unpack gifts which I won’t be using yet and not to unwrap new books that I won’t be reading yet.  I love to preserve the crispness of a new book because I love the feeling and smell of it while reading.

This book is a Christmas gift from a dear friend. who is also one of my running buddies.  The "Coach” written in the dedication is an endearing term this dear friend calls me and so with my other friends whom I influenced into running.  (Please don’t take the “Coach” seriously LOL).

It’s a compact-kind of book, easy read with simple vocabulary.  It is like an itemized positive reminders and scriptures written like it is directly talking to you.  When I started reading it I felt that it is a perfect read for me right at that moment and time.  Why?

Let me share what I found in the first few pages of this book.  From Page 11 of the book:

365 Things Every Woman Should Know
By: Emilie Barnes
“Having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?  Bad days are a given so you might as well accept them.  But can you find hope in them?  I think so.

• No matter what, 24 hours from now the day will be over.

• Marinate your heart in Scriptures and prayer.

• Go ahead and gripe a little bit to someone who cares.

• Count to 10 before you respond to someone.

• Give yourself a lot of TLC.  Get some exercise, eat well and rest.

• Ask for help if you need it.
• Ask God, “What do you want me to learn from this yucky day?”


These are all basic things that most of us already knew.  But sometimes we are all so caught up with our everyday chaos that we sometimes fail to do what should be done and needed to be reminded by other people... or by a book.

This “read” is like a reality potion to me.  What is simply written here are definitely the “power answers” to what I’m currently feeling these days.

I thank God for this day.  I thank God for this book and the person who gave this to me.  And most of all I thank God for all of you!

“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
~ Mark Twain ~

July Please Be Good To Me

So I got stuck in the elevator today – July 5th, Friday!  That is while I’m running late for an appointment.  And may I also rant that my left toe is throbbing in pain while I’m writing this. Well the left toe has nothing to do with what happened on the 1st of July.  But it definitely has something to do with what happened on the 2nd day of July.

Ok ok let me wrap it up!

July 1st, Monday
I woke up trying to inhale all the positive vibes because “It’s July” – it kept echoing in my head.
Coffee and running is my way of starting the day right.  Before finishing my morning cup I had a quick trip to the bathroom then hurried back to the breakfast table.  Suddenly there was…

Screetch! – my left foot stepping on an imaginary break to stop my whole body going down.
Dhag!–my right knee hit the floor
(Louder) Dhag! – my left palm hit the sink structure.
Wham! – the kitchen spring door slammed at my back!
Aaw! Aaaaaaw!
No! I’m not wearing high heels! I’m barefoot at home!
Oh no this is not happening! What a way to start July!

My right knee looks fine just a slight swelling but the pain is aaaw!  My left toe showing a minor swelling due to the impact at the lower cupboard.  It’s more painful than the knee but no serious injury as well.  The spring door did not hit me badly either so my back is just fine but my ear can still hear the horrifying slamming sound.  But my palm ball is awfully painful and it’s all blue.  So my left hand spent a non-romantic clasp with an ice pack while I’m finishing my coffee.  I still went on with my morning run.  It loosen up the uptight nerves that’s building.  I then proceeded to do my errands for the day until I had a very frustrating day with the banks.  I decided to cancel my other errands, went home and rant! #JulyPleaseBeGoodToMe!

July 2nd, Tuesday
I went back to the bank and I swear I’m gonna freak out if I will see another “longest queue ever” because I made sure that I will be the first person they will be serving today!  I am at my earliest to the point of being at the bank door when they opened for customer  (LOL I’m so paranoid).  To perk up my day before proceeding to finish my pending errands that I cancelled yesterday I decided to drop by a beauty salon to give my hair the much needed trim (am seriously contemplating if I will have a pedicure).  For some readers who are not aware, beauty salons and the likes are one among my “most hated place”

The salon staff were all smiles attending to me – I’m the first customer.  I asked for the hairdresser who worked on my hair the last time but he’s absent.  Huh! of all the day!  The salon manager was quick and oh so sweet introducing his best hair dresser.  Now it would be very embarrassing for me to leave.  I’m pretty sure they will be cursing me to death if I do.  You know “first customer belief” (buena mano)?

So I’m sitting there all nerves up praying that I won’t be going home with the craziest looking hair cut.  I remember emphasizing “JUST A BIT OF TRIM”.  The sweet hair dresser probably sensing my nervousness started making conversation by saying something about my straight hair. I was smiling at him from the mirror when suddenly aaaw!  The edge of my hair that he was trimming hit the middle of my eye!  Tears automatically welled down and I tried to wipe it out without anybody noticing.  But I’m the only customer at the time so everybody’s eyes are on us.  The manager is alarmingly looking at my hairdresser with the ominous look of “YOU ARE FIRED!”.  I put on my best smile and said that I’m fine (hu hu hu).  I was up on my knee when the trim is over, declined shampoo and blow dry and DEFINITELY NO PEDICURE!   and headed home.  At least I did not went home with a crazy hair cut.

July 3rd, Wednesday
I did not have a body injury at least because I was on the phone for hours early in the morning yelling…

“You haven’t taken care of my phone problem and now I don’t have a DSL?”
”What? You can’t make a report about my DSL problem because I have a pending report about my phone?
Don’t you think it’s plain stupid that you can’t work on my phone problem because your service sucks and I’m the one to suffer about the DSL?
“Why can’t you provide me a connection my IP is dynamic?” .“Do I need to emphasize that I know you can do that?”
” Stop chit chatting me with your techie thing because I know how it works!” . “I’m working on a deadline so I need my internet back now!
the edge of my note pad where I’m jotting down all the names and promises of my phone/DSL provider

My phone problem is not yet fix but at least I have my internet back (while my neighbor does not have theirs yet).

July 4th, Thursday
I stayed home all day worried that the fireworks will fall on my head.  Then I remember that I’m not in the US, but my work time and body clock is.  And its not even 4th of July in the US.  LOL to myself.  Later at night I decided to clean my toe nails and guess what? I wounded my left toe (again) and no one is to be blamed but me.

July 5th, Friday - It’s on the first paragraph.
~ *** ~
So why I rant so much about July?

This should be a prelude to this post and this is a TRUE story…

Once upon three consecutive years of my life on a certain date on the July month I was at the hospital’s Emergency Room (ER). The second year of which I was lying in the operating room while my family wait outside not sure if I’m going out alive.  The doctor gave my family the BEST prescription that can save me – prayers.  And he delivered this news with his fingers crossed before proceeding to the Operating Room to work on me.

I remember some quotations and words of wisdom saying that a date should not define or has nothing to do with someone's life – I beg to disagree! You may forget the birthday when you received the best gift ever. The most happy date of your life. But you will never ever forget the most miserable and worst day of your life more so if on that day you almost die.

I deserved to be crowned as “Positive Queen’ or be awarded with “Best in Move On Award”.  But I tell you one true thing - the month of July never fails to haunt me.

July Smiley
So when I say “July please be good to me!” it’s not because it’s trending.  It is because I really mean it.  Can you blame me?


A single link is okay as long it says something about your comment or related to my posts. Apart from that I'm sorry I need to delete your links. THANKS!
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