Hello March!

No I’m not asking March to “please be good to me.”  Instead, I will be good to March and for the rest of my life.

Most people usually set goals and (unfulfilled) promises at the beginning of the year, while the weird me have this habit of setting them when my favorite month comes in..  It’s simply because March is my birth month and I thought it is just logical aiming to be even a bit better starting in the month a year is added to one’s age. 

So this “Merry Month of March”. the vampire me is celebrating a great milestone that a living human should be proud of!  I will be celebrating the half century of my existence in this world with you mortals!  LOL!

Of course there’s a lot of “going-ons” in my hyper-active old mind which revolves around the word “mature-fun”. I hope that I can share the worthwhile things with you and keep the unworthy parts to my rising archives.

But first, I need to find back my blogging and running mojo.  Hmn… for blogging, I hope this post is a sign that I found it back.  For running, oh yes I definitely did!


Actually, I know I’m not making sense on this post ha ha.  I just want to post this awesome picture that my friend captured while I was enjoying the beautiful sunset in Agas Beach in Puerto Galera.

Hope you will join me as I go back blogging either talking sensibly or senseless.  After all that is what life is made of… senseless and sensible.


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