Sunday Quote and Photograph: Father and Sunset

A father will always be there to make sure that you wake up to a beautiful sunrise,
And stays with you throughout the day to lead you to the most beautiful sunset.


Happy Father’s Day to all you GREAT FATHERS in the world!

~*** ~

Photo was taken at Station 1 in Boracay Island where my family witnessed one of the most spectacular sunset.

Sunday Poem and Photographs: Say Hello To An Old Friend

As you walk along the winding path of the Esplanade
That embraces the gentle curve of the Iloilo River
Say a silent prayer for the long-lost loyal friend
That we had covered with filth and almost forgotten

When it went out to meet the sea each day
Bearing the heavy burdens of our wasteful rituals
We feared that it would never return, in anger and
In protest against our reckless ways

Sing Paeans at the top of your voices
To those who brought back the River to life
To those who remembered a friend from days gone by
To those who cared and saw the beauty beneath the grime.

A once dying river now glimmers with hope sublime
It still goes out to sea by the moon in its appointed time
It silently gathers the wealth of the waters
And comes back faithfully in fair of stormy chime.
Say hello to a long lost blogger… and that’s me.
It’s been a while since my last post. Well believe it or not I was about to make a series of posts starting to my earlier summer escapades and also my annual Vicita Iglesia traditional post when suddenly my home phone and DSL went gone for the _nth time just right after the Holy Week break.  It just came back in the first week of June at the very night that we are leaving for an out of town trip and believe me I was no longer surprised when it’s gone again when we came back after a week !  Wow! Isn’t that amazing?
Anyways, I will just release my frustrations about my ISP provider on another cover so as not to cloud the reason that inspires me to create a blog post at the first chance that I had. 
Let me share with you a beautiful poem I found while strolling one Sunday morning in  the Esplanade of Iloilo City during our recent vacation.  I’m sure you will find the wordings as mesmerizing as the place where I found it. 
I just want to give credit to the person who wrote this poem and a BIG kudos to the people who really did a good job in bringing back the Iloilo River.  It is such a huge gift to the people of Iloilo. 
The place is so awesome so I will be sharing more photos and hope additional information about this place in the coming days.
Meanwhile, have a blessed Sunday everyone!


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