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Sunday Poem and Photograph: She Who Loves The Beach

It’s the second week of the new year and the official summer time in tropical Philippines is still two months short and yet all I’m thinking about is the beach. While people were stressing themselves with the holiday rush and parties, I was busy hopping from one beach to another.  I know this sounded weird but as I’ve said on my new year's post , I’m having flighty feet lately and my body has been shouting to spend time with nature specifically to the beach.  But, family and work obligations got in the way during the summer so when I got the chance to take a vacation I grabbed all the opportunities!  The hell I care about the cold December breeze I went beach and island hopping! I even ignore a gorgeous year-end party at the Palace Pool Club and declined other holiday-related invitations. Out of itchiness and longing, I even spent time (and money) to an urban man-made beach in the city.  However, it just worsen the longing rather than it served as a temporary remedy.  The longi

Happy New Year! 2017 Is In!

Happy New Year! I’m typing this while still figuring out what photograph I should be using for this post as I really don’t have an idea to where this post is going. I just really wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! (redundant I know… sigh). So maybe to add some sense(less) words to this post, I will just randomly mention what happened/changed or whatever with me in 2016. Personally, nothing significant really except that I gained weight (which actually is continuous.. another sigh). Hmmmn.. what else… I’m back being workaholic (my family says) I write less but read more - different kind of stuff. My fingers though still has this constant itch to unite with the lappy to post even the most senseless story like this one. I’m having flighty feet lately and tried to give in to it as long as my schedule and budget permits. I don’t have major goals except to be happy and chill! and I think I’m succeeding (smiles) So I think my year is just good enough. For this year, I guess I