Merry Month of March No More


Today the 75th day of the year, the government announced that the Enhanced Community Quarantine should take effect on midnight tonight. ECQ for most people is a subtle term for lock down.

Today happens to be my birthday as well.  Today will encompassed all previous birthdays that I considered the most memorable ones as today is undeniably my most unforgettable.

Yesterday, amidst the anxieties and panic caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, I was lucky (and smart) enough to score myself a birthday cake from SnR.    I remembered to snatch it from the rack and took advantage of the discount as well. We did an early grocery shopping before the lock down takes effect to secure home necessities grabbing on cleaning and hygiene materials.  I bought just enough and throw dagger looks to those who were obviously hoarding. I hoped I was able to help a bit by doing my part of just buying enough and sending signals to those who were hoarding (laughs).

Though I can no longer call my birthday month a "merry month" as it would be cruel and insensitive for the world or at least to where I am located to say so, I just thought that I could have even just a cake to blow and whisper my one important wish as I believe in God, angels and birthday wishes.  I am using my wish card for this year. 

Dear God, I only have one wish for today and that is to please heal us, the world from this pandemic, the corona virus COVID-19.   Forgive me for being too ambitious for making this wish but please God, please.


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