Sunday Thoughts And Photograph: Hello Summer, Stay Please?

Quarantine Day 42

Are you really here?

I'd like to see you, feel you!

But the crowned virus is out there to get us!

Wait for us please?

Bear with us?

Stay a bit longer?

The virus didn't like you, you know that?

So we need you to stay a while longer please?

Probably more than a hundred days is better

Stay summer, please stay...

The photograph is taken in the summer of 2019 (last year).  From one of the beautiful beaches in Nasugbu, Batangas.  Dark shades, waterproof mobile cam and some shells collected from the beach are among my summer treasures.  Take me back.

Sunday Song, Prayer and A Photograph: Why The Happy Birthday Song?

Quarantine Day 35

I was listening to the Sunday Healing Mass (televised) today which is being officiated by Father Oscar Orbos.

This had been a usual in the house even before the lock down brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Every 6:00AM on Sundays, I open the television and our home celebrates the mass via the television.  But, of course we still attend the actual celebration later in the day.

One of the lesson that struck me most during this celebration is the advise that Father Orbos gave before his final blessing.  He reminded about washing hands.  He said that instead of singing the Happy Birthday song, why not say the "Hail Mary".

Thinking about it I realized its one sensible advise.  My birthday happened last month on the very day that the lock down took effect and there was really nothing "happy" about it.  Birthday celebration in this time of pandemic is not the best thing to do when other people are mourning for the death of their love ones and that most people are struggling with their survival.

Call me crazy but I actually counted the number of words comprising the "Happy Birthday" song and the "Hail Mary".  The Happy birthday song has a total of :

39 words - if you sing the song in full
16 words - if you sing the first part of the song only

The Hail Mary has a total of 41 words, 42 if you include "Amen" in your prayer.  It will not only make your hands cleaner by praying the litany rather than singing the Happy Birthday song which right now is actually untimely, She might actually be listening too.  She always, always listen.

The photograph of the Virgin Mary was taken from Lake Bulusan located at the Bulusan Volcano National Park when I explored the Bicol Region some two years back.   It was one of my unforgettable exploration where I thought I felt quite a number of miracles.


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