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Dinagyang 2012–Ati Parade and Competition

I prefer to be in the streets to get the “feel” of the Dinagyang Ati Parade and Competition, rather than have a ticket and be seated in any judging area where the competing tribes will be performing. For me, the seats are for the judges and the full video coverage are for the professionals.  I want the streets where the scenes are real and not choreographed. Braving the blocked roads and the sun-burning weather that climactic Sunday of this year’s (2012) Dinagyang festival, I witnessed and captured the Dinagyang scenes that you can find only in the streets of Iloilo, Philippines. I watched in awe each tribe arrived at the Sports Complex at La Paz, Iloilo City wherein the first judging (main) area will be done.  The first question that came into my mind was, how much is the coveted cash price?  Eventually, I learned that it is “not that big”, not even enough to cover the expenses of the props or the participants’ talent fees if you pay them individually.  Geez! this is what you cal

Dinagyang 2012–Kasadyahan Night

It’s a street fever party all over Iloilo City! Words are not enough to describe the fun and excitement during the Kasadyahan night of this year's  Dinagyang Festival  so let these photos speak for themselves. Mask, mask, mask…  Dinagyang is all about masks! More masks… Food, food, food. Oysters All kinds of “sinugba” (Henna) Tattoo is a must. The wilder the better.  I learned from one tattoo artist that he earned more than PhP 5,000.00 during the Kasadyahan day alone.  Cost of one henna tattoo is as cheap as PhP50.00. Accessories at very affordable prices. Loudest, noisiest sound systems in every corner in every streets! All establishments are closed and the streets are filled with makeshift bar and food place. Our table is located just below this school of music signage. Dress wild, act tamed and have crazy fun is the rule of the day.  "Ilonggos" are such peace loving people. Didn't spot any trouble the whole night in spite that almost everyo

Iloilo Gearing for Dinagyang Festival 2012

Being in Iloilo for more than a week now, I can’t help but be blown away by the frenzy of the Ilonggos as they prepare for the big day that is called Dinagyang Festival 2012 which highlights is on the third weekend of January (January 20 to 22 for this year). Posters, signage, flaglets/ banderitas can be seen everywhere.  Once you see a bunch of people huddled together the topic of discussion is definitely something about Dinagyang.  The parade route, the traffic and re-routing, store sales, costumes, face mask/paint, tattoo, hair highlights, etc. The fiesta mode is really up in the air.  And like I always do every time I go around anywhere,  I am trying to document important and interesting moments as much as I can .  The week of  Dinagyang is such an interesting subject to document by photos.  Here’s a sort of photo blog on the week of Dinagyang Festival 2012. henna tattoo, hair highlights, costume, face mask/paints are the order of the week     Apart from the official prog