Sinulog 2012 - Kitang Tanan Mag Pit Senyor


I heard people talked about it, watched it on TV and the internet for so many times, but there’s nothing like experiencing it personally!

Sinulog in Cebu City is one big of a blast to personally experienced.  By the time you step at the airport you will find yourself automatically hopping to the tune of “Pit Senyor”.  It’s playing all over the city and I tell  you, as long as you’re in Cebu during the Sinulog celebration this song will be your LSS!
Sugod na sa sinulog
Kitang tanan mag Pit Senyor
Sugod na sa sinulog
Kitang tanan mag Pit Senyor

Pit Senyor Oh Pit Senyor
Kitang tanan mag Pit Senyor
Pit Senyor Oh Pit Senyor
Kitang tanan mag Pit Senyor Hah!

Pit Senyor! Senyor! Senyor! ♫
The Kreonz Band from Iloilo City performing in an SRO/dancing crowd at MO2 Cebu
It’s one big party all over the city.  Be it on the streets, in bars, disco houses and wherever, everybody's just partying! We’re on a huge bar during the night before the grand parade and the place is jam packed with guests. Some guests including foreigners were just holding on their drinks and dancing around.

I was mesmerized by the grace of the Sinulog lead dancers.  These ladies wearing their fabulous, perfectly designed Sinulog “gowns” each holding an image of the Sto. Nińo with their perfectly costumed tribes in tow dancing in the same deep passion under the blazing sun.  I would say that these are the most gracious and passionate sway I ever saw in a parade dance.  It gives me the perfect understanding of the meaning of Sinulog - a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño.

Sinulog comes from the Cebuano word “sulog", which means "like water current movement" which describes the motion of the Sinulog dance.


I grandly enjoyed the experience giving myself a taste of everything that you “must” while you’re in Cebu’s Sinulog Festival!  Buri hats, masks and even tattoo.  Look! a henna tattoo artist working on my leg tattoo Winking smile fun!


The city government of Cebu has more than a month-long schedule of festivities for the Sinulog 2012.  You can find the details and more about Sinulog from here.  For more photos of my personal Sinulog adventure here’s a photo album for you.  Pit Seńor!



  1. hey roffe thanks! am glad you liked it. you gotta try and visit this city in the Philippines during this festival, it's awesome!

  2. I hope ma experince ko yan in person one day:)

  3. yes yes, nice photos.
    im sure you enjoyed that so well.
    this year 2013, will be more awesome everybody is really preparing for it, imagine they estimated about 4 million people that will joining the parade.

    grabe, pit senyor! come back soon :)
    God bless!!


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