Cozy McDonald’s Restaurant

It is located near the corners of Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia) and Taft Avenue Extension, also near the bus terminals (JAC Liner, etc) and the loading site of the Mall of Asia multicabs.
This cozy looking new McDonald’s branch sprouted in one of the busiest corner avenues in Manila.  When I first saw it from a distance, it obviously doesn’t look quite the same with the other/older McDonalds store.  It looks hip and trendy.
We had an unplanned chance of a quick visit to this McDonalds branch just today and I say “Wow! this is one cozy place!”.  It has comfortable, spacious dining areas, the walls have vivid color splashes, and the whole concept has dynamic graphics and architectural accents.  Everything from the lightings, trash bins, toilet are something new.  Good thing that we have with us our android tablet and I was able to take some quick shots.


So this is what’s in the news sometime in the last quarter of 2011 when McDonald’s Philippines celebrated their 30th year.  They mentioned something about giving a new face to their stores.  Not that I haven’t been to McDonald’s for quite a while.  You see, when you have a kid in the house, trips to McDonalds (and Jollibee) are regulars.  But most of the McDonald’s that we are frequenting are still in the old design.
The new McDonald’s design concept can actually be seen in McDonald's stores in other parts of the world but there are still just a few branches that have these new modern store design here in Manila (as far as I know).  I read somewhere that as part of the 30th anniversary, they renovated the Makati Cinema Square, Greenhills, Quezon Avenue and North Avenue McDonald’s branches. 

So why am I writing about this?   Do I get to have a free Big Mac with Fries and Sundae? Sarcastic smileLOL!

Well for me this is a heaven-sent McDonald’s branch site because I used to whine about why there isn’t any McDonalds in this area where I am a common face.  You can find almost all of the fast food competitors in this area but no McDonalds!  Alas there is one now! 

May I ask my dear readers please if you happen to dine with any McDonald’s restaurant with this kind of modern design?  You may reply through the comment form below, thanks!


  1. maganda nga yung lugar...same lang din naman siguro ang price ng mga meals di ba?ehehe o ayan nagcomment na ko...hehe :)

  2. ahoy el terible! thanks for dropping by :P yep. same ang price ng mga food. musta naman ang mcdonalds jan sa lugar mo? :)

  3. Agree this place is so awesome cozy. And it's OPEN 24 hours :) Coming from a late filming for a school project, we're very hungry & found this blazingly new McDo. It's just a stone throw away from our school. I bet will be there more often.

  4. open ba sila na 24 hours? :)

    1. Hello Anon yes they are open 24 hours and it is always full with people. maybe because of the bus station and the area is really a crowded area.

    2. thanks. :) balak kase namen gawing meeting place para sa lakad naman pa batangas. sobrang salamat. :)

    3. you're very welcome :) I'm glad to be of help :)
      THANKS as well for dropping by my blog, feel free to come back ;)

  5. thanks. :) balak kase namen gawing meeting place para sa lakad naman pa batangas. sobrang salamat. :)

  6. may sakayan po ba dito ng jeep papunta sa MOA ? :)

    1. Yes meron sa tapat nya mismo nakapila yung mga multicabs :)


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