Valentine in the City. How Was Yours?

It’s real fun going around the city on Valentine’s Day.  It is amazing how every corner turned into a cupid-invaded planet . Aside from the roaming lovers in “hhww” (holding hands while walking), everywhere is an atmosphere of love, love, love…
a mall in Makati City

a mall lobby that turned into an instant flower shop
The Mall of Asia hosting a mass wedding sponsored by the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-ibig Fund)



So how’s your V-day? Was it a V as in victory?

The victory or success in our life’s special occasions such as Valentine’s Day doesn’t really depends how expensive the gifts and flowers you received or how expensive the restaurants you dated, or how famous the shows you watched.  It could be anything that both of you enjoyed together no matter how simple it is.  Be it the simplest daily runs and chores you do together…

100_7595It could be a run in the morning together.

A trip to the bank together.

Buying flowers together while you haggle for the price even if he’s the one who will pay Laughing out loud.

100_7656A hunt for your favorite pasta house that vanished from your favorite place.

A hunt for an alternative cozy place where you can solve your stomach pressing ramblings :(

Pigging-out together with a combination of all the food in your mind.

Sharing a glass of halo-halo in an already chilling temperature.

100_7659A surprise visit to the kid’s school together bringing them home by yourselves, then…

pigging-out again to the kids favorite newly opened cozy fast food restaurant

Well not unless you’re the subject of Madonna’s song you will definitely disagree to what I am trying to say here. As they always say, it’s “the thought that counts” and I add “the sincerity of the action completes the thought”.

Make everyday a Valentine’s Day!


  1. My Valentine's Day was super victorious, too :) I'm not a material girl kaya I super agree with what you said above. Hehe!

    1. @KM
      obvious namang wagi ka sa love aha ha ha :)

  2. I'm the subject of Madonna's song, but I totally agree with you. I'm like a virgin.

    Na-add na kita sa list. =)

    1. @Rence
      sabi ng nanay natin masamang magsinungaling - "like a virgin" ka jan :P

      na-add na din kita kita sa lahat ng list ko :)


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