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Go Kart at SM Mall of Asia Amusement Complex

I’m doing my usual morning run at the SM Mall of Asia bay side when I spotted this area.  It kind of caught me by surprise seeing this area as colorful and lively because I remember during my last run, this area is used to be surrounded with iron sheets coverings, the same thing when there’s something being constructed inside the coverings.  And then I remembered that I had a short break from my morning run.  It seems like this activity is launched while I was on short break from my morning run.  

As usual, every time I see something new that looks exciting, I am excited to share the info to you all.  So for those who are into cars and driving, this one’s for you! “Go Kart” !


It is located along the breakwaters of Manila Bay at the SM Mall of Asia Amusement Complex just right after the The Giant Ferris Wheel/The MOA Eye

Locational Photo


The fee and basic rules

Fun and Safety Rules are properly posted in the area but to give you some advance info on what to wear and the likes, here’s some heads up.
  1. Must be 4 1/2 tall to drive the Karts.
  2. Helmets must be worn at all times.  Seatbelt must be properly fastened while on board the Kart.
  3. Guests must keep both hands on the wheel at all times..  Arms, legs and feet are to remain inside the Kart.
  4. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up with clips or rubber bands.
  5. All loose clothing must be secured.  No open-toed footwear is allowed.
  6. No smoking in Karts and loading bay area.
  7. Guest under the influence of alcohol or narcotics are not allowed to take the ride.
  9. Stay in Kart at all times while on track.
  10. If for any reason the Kart shuts down while on the track, you MUST REMAIN IN THE KART and raise your hand.
  1. Get a ticket at the cashier’s booth
  2. Go to the Loading Bay. Get your designated Kart and put on your seat belt.
  3. Ride Assistant will help you start the engine and wait until the green flag is shown and then go to the race track.
  4. Checkered flags will be shown as indicator to your final lap.
  5. After the last lap slow down and proceed to the loading bay area, remain in the Kart and wait for the final instructions from the Ride Assistant.

The Karts

The Track

So, do you think experiencing this one is like going to the real Indianapolis? Don’t forget to share your experience here once you tried!


  1. Aww, hindi ka sumakay? hindi ko yan keri, bump car nga hindi ko madrive e! hahaha...

    1. I was doing my early morning run Joanne close pa kaya di ko pa na-try :) Balitaan kita pag na-try ko na :) Type ko yang mga ganyan. mas dangerous mas gusto ko ;) Thanks sa dalaw :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  4. Ang galing naman at mayroon ng ganyan dyan . Thanks for sharing at may idea ako saan ko dalhin pamangkin ko pag-uwi.

    1. Naku Mhie ang dami na dyan sa MOA. may coming pang "Viking". sulit talaga pumunta jan sa lugar na yan matutuwa pamangkin mo. Thanks for dropping by :)

  5. lagi ka palang nagjajogging sa mall of asia....tiyak madami kasabayan mo...

    1. Oo arvin suki ako dyan sa bay side at marami nga akong running mates dyan. masarap kasi mag jogging sa tabing dagat nakaka-relax.

  6. whaaa, gusto ko nga minsan

    1. hala baka maunahan mo pa ako ha ha. Thanks sa pagdaan

  7. haha natatandadaan ko tuloy ung peryang palipat lipat ng lugar
    na mas nakakatkot pa kesa sa surf dance ng star city nakakatakot ksi anytime bka kumalas kalas ung ride whahah

    1. oist MEcoy di naman rides yung sa perya caravan eh "death wish" yun lol. dun ako takot ha ha.

      THANKS sa dalaw :)

  8. Replies
    1. sure! once I am able to try I will post some photos. THANKS for the visit!

  9. Uy Go Kart! Gusto ko yan... Mapuntahan nga

    1. Uy nahulog naman ako sa upuan at naligaw dito si Super Maryo ha ha. Baka magkasabay tayo dyan karera tayo ha lol.

      SALAMAT sa pagdaan :)

  10. Dream ko to, sabi nila pambata lang to, sabi nila panlalaki lang to, a basta gusto kong sumakay nito hehe

  11. Oh, how coooool! What a great idea to put a go cart course near the Mall of Asia! Next time we visit Mall of Asia, I want to go there and try it out. I have only been to Mall of Asia one time (in 2008) and unfortunately at the time I was in pain due to an earache... the descending and ascending on the flight from Cebu to Manila nearly killed me as my eardrum felt like it was going to burst. So we really didn't have too much time to enjoy it and see much of it. My mother-in-law, who is a pharmacist, got me some prescription ear drops at a pharmacy there. Good for you that you're getting in a nice run in the morning, keep up the great work.


  12. Oh my I was just thinking about karting yesterday good thing I searched it in internet . I will surely try this ! :) thank you for posting this :) malaki po ba ung race track nila ???? Thankyou


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