We’re on PageRank 1. Google Knows We Exist!

Just seventy one (71) blogging days, twenty (20) posts and an awesome readers/followers like YOU and Google knows this blog exist!

Yes my dear readers we are on PageRank 1! Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks! LOL!balut manila PR1
PageRank 1 and I am proud!  Yes I am because this blog is just 71 days old and no fancy paid marketing, just pure passionate writing and blogging.

Prior to this, I don’t check my blog ranking because as I’ve said it’s just 71 days old.  But curiosity knocked when my blogger friend lesterrible posted that his blog is PageRank 2.  The curious me checked my blog at Page Rank checker and found this good news.

So I would like to thank Google for this and  most of all I would like to THANK YOU all my readers followers.  This wouldn’t be possible without YOU!  You inspire me to blog more responsibly and passionately!
TY 2


  1. wahahah ikaw pala at si run and keep on running eh iisa lang..ahaha o sya pabili ng balot...ehehe congrats sa blog mo on being page rank 1 :)

  2. Aha ha ha! 'fell off my chair kakatawa sayo! hindi mo pala alam??? el terible ka talaga ha ha ha! SALAMATS! more congrats sayo PageRank2! Let's keep on blogging!

  3. kala ko eto yung bagong entry hehe. nagcheck ako today, yan din ranking ko 1/10

  4. ha ha di pa Gracie gagawin ko pa lang but busy pa sa pagbisita sa mga kapatid na bloggers :)
    wow CONGRATS! yey I'm so happy for you! blog away lang para Rank 2 na agad :)


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