Final Night: 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition–Italy and Philippines

All roads lead to Mall of Asia (MOA) on the night of March 17, 2012.   As expected, there's heavy traffic everywhere.  I read a lot of (online) comments from the usual people who are covering the event every Saturday that they were trapped in traffic for hours and not being able to get a good spot to video or photograph the event and a lot more similar complaints. 

Well what could you expect? Aside from the fact that it was the final night and the last chance to witness this spectacular event, it is also the night that this year’s winner will be announced.  More so, it is also the night that the host country, our dear Philippines is presenting their exhibition entry.  Knowing Filipinos, we are very supportive to anything that our country is representing to international competitions/shows, plus! we are all fireworks lovers and everybody is certain that our entry will always be one of the best.

And the winner is…. whoops, first let us take a look on the videos of tonight’s entry/participant Italy

Italy – Orzella Fireworks S.R.L
Entry from Italy (acknowledgment to ArbesPH for the video uploaded to YouTube)

That was one great opening to the tune of “Volare”.  The next part of Italy’s presentation after the opening part reminds me of the movie “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”.  That part for me is a bit mysterious but not too exciting. Then the crowds “ohs and ahs" were back when it became more lively again to the tune of Abba’s Dancing Queen.  It seems Abba songs are favorites in this competition.  All in all, Italy’s entry is good. 

At last the announcement came! And the winner is….

CANADA! – 1st Place

AUSTRALIA and FINLAND – tied in 2nd Place


The night and the competition in all will not be complete without the exhibition display entry from the Philippines! The opening “Let’s get ready to rum-------ble” to the tune of Madagascar's "I Like to Move It"  song sent the crowd into a deafening cheers and shouts as the magnificent Philippine Platinum Fireworks zoomed  into the beautiful dark bay of MOA.  I’m sure there’s one person in the crowds mind at that time, the Filipinos boxing pride Manny Pacquiao!

So goes Philippine Platinum Fireworks wowed the crowd with its spectacular opening display until it was halted with a technical “blah blah”.  The reports said there was a fire in the barge.  But after few minutes the Philippines' awesome exhibition displays continued with notable fireworks swaying and dancing to songs such as Whitney Houston’s "I Will Always Love You", “Mga Kababayan Ko”, “Like A Prayer” from Glee “Pilipino Ako” by Manny Pacquiao and Dancing Queen (Abba again!) and a lot more!

Undoubtedly, the Philippines display entry is one among the best.  I may need to apologize to my foreign readers here because I can not perfectly describe the Philippines exhibition display entry without using the very apt language... ♫and it goes like this♫:

 “ may konting palpak ngunit bonggang-bonggang maingay,
mausok, masaya at major major na panalo!"

Philippines – Platinum Fireworks
Entry from Italy (acknowledgment to for the video uploaded to YouTube)

If you wish to watch all the videos for the whole competition, you may follow these links:
Till next year folks! When it comes to fireworks, it is definitely

 “More Fun in the Philippines!”


  1. Kainggit! Next year, I'll definitely watch this event, for now, maki-nood na lang muna ako dito. :)

    Hi Balut, comment ulit ako, baka kase magkaron ka rin ng giveaway tulad ni Gracie eh, para may chance naman ako...hahaha!

    1. oo lalo na pag PH ang mag-e-exhibition :) thanks for passing by!

      hay naku papunta na nga ako sa yo ngayon at umaasa akong ido-donate or forward mo yung giveaway ni gracie ha ha ha. At take note ha, isang silip lang lamang mo sakin sa komento kay Gracie. very tight ang competition! ha ha ha joke

    2. Hahaha you made my day girls! Nyak blog ko ba to? Nakisingit talaga. Hehehe. Pag uwi ko ako naman bigyan nyo giveaway hehe

    3. ha ha ha Gracie free kang mag-comment sa lahat ng blogs ko ;) basta nag-aabang pa ako ng giveaway. several days pa naman before your birthday eh ha ha ha


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