International Women’s Day on Google Doodle

I woke up in a bright morning and it made even brighter when I opened my laptop, clicked on Google and saw this awesome doodle.  First hunch I have is that it’s about me!  Oh sorry, it’s about  Us WOMEN!

International Womens Day Google DoodlePQ
Intl Womens Day
I excitedly click on the doodle knowing how Google traditionally have it, you will be directed to the search page on what the doodle is all about.  And yes it’s about us! the 101st International Women’s Day (IWD) 2012 being celebrated today all over the world, with this year’s theme “CONNECTING GIRLS, INSPIRING FUTURES”.

And being a woman, I sort of have a “feel” or understanding on why and how each character in this doodle goes together, resulting to a perfect significance to the subject of celebration.  But still , I  consulted the expert “Google” of course to check the interpretation of this year’s doodle for IWD and here’s some bits of input that I found:
  • the colors of the doodle are in sync with Google's official logo colors – blue (in purplish tinge), red, yellow and green.
  • the first 'G' is represented by the symbol of Venus
  • the second 'o' is a yellow flower.
  • the red dots in place of the first 'o' and the 'e' seem to represent the bindi, a symbol identified with Indian women.
This year’s symbol is simple yet elegant.  Google has been “doodling” the International Women’s Day for five times (years) now.  First in 2005, then consecutively from 2009 to 2012.  Here are the images of the previous IWD Google Doodle:
IWD 2011
IWD 2010
IWD 2009
IWD 2005

International Women's Day was first celebrated on March 18, 1911 in four European countries - Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. The United Nations began officially supporting and sponsoring the event since 1975, the year that was designated as International Women's Year.

HAPPY DAY to all my women friends and to all the women in the world.  Let’s make everyday a Women’s Day. Here’s a special song about women that always makes me smile whenever I hear it and I want to share it with all the women out there…

She’s Always A Woman to Me by Billy Joel (video courtesy of YouTube uploaded by walamagz2)

Google doodle images source : Google Doodles


  1. Happy Women's Day Sis! Namiss kong ka-tweet ka ah? LOL! Bonding natin sa Twitter.

    1. Same to u sis! oo nga bisi-bisihan ako yesterday hindi ko tuloy alam kung anong oras ka "nag-hugas" lol.

    2. Sige sa sunod, lagay na din pati timecheck para pagbalik mo sa twitter know mo anong oras ako naghugas. LOL! Nagsisindi ako ng kandila sa cr sis. LOL! Pero seriously, it's true!

    3. haist sistah naloka ako sa topic nating "paghuhugas"! may kandilaan pa ngayon waha ha ha.

  2. ♪♫ Who run the world? (Girls!) Who run this mother (Girls!)? ♪♫

    Happy Women's Day. Mabuhay ang mga kababaihan! :)

    1. same to u Gabriela Silang! aha ha ha naaliw ako sa rantings mo!


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