Guimaras Island. Our Unplanned Trip to Paradise

The original plan was a family road trip from Iloilo City to Boracay.  It was supposed to be the culmination of our ten solid days of “family’s escape from the city”.  The day before the trip, the kids expressed their dislikes to the idea of road travel for ten to twelve hours from Iloilo City to Catiklan, then a boat ride to Boracay Island, more so that it’s a round trip.

Finally, we cancelled the plan just the night before the trip.  We all agreed that the road trip is a waste of time and is stressful for the kids, so we will just plan a separate Boracay trip via plane from Manila.  The mission now is to make the best alternative to the cancelled Boracay escapade.  We all wanted to make the most of our last days in Iloilo City so the plan should be better if not good.  Well it was not just good, but it turned out to be the best! Destination - Guimaras Island!

As unplanned as it is, we take whatever available option that will bring us from Iloilo City to the Island.  First step is a boat ride from Port San Pedro to Buenavista Port.  The boat ride is both relaxing and exciting.


Docking at Buenavista Port, we hired a jeep that will take us to one of the beaches in the island.  We bought foods along the way and whatever we might need for our whole day stay in the island.


First sight of the beach…oh wow what a pleasant surprise!, not crowded, white sand, cool, clear, calm sea.
The kids can’t wait! We’re not even settled in our cottage and they went running to the beach. I followed them and and it took a while before I can persuade them to go back to the cottage and have some food first.  The truth is, I myself find it difficult to go back to the cottage.  The beach is so inviting.


Our lunch food is from Jollibee.  The snacks, junk foods, soft drinks, candies are all from the sari-sari (convenience) stores we found in the commercial/residential area near the pier.  The local delicacies, fishes (for grilling) and fruits are from the local wet market.  The fish are fresh catch and the fruits are sooo sweet and cheaply priced!  Just eating the uncontested world class mango of Guimaras island is simply heaven!


We stayed in the beach just lounging around the shore, doing lazy swim, playing in the sand, hunting for drift woods, sea shells, and all sea-shore friendly creatures, building sand castles, rock-throwing , coin hunting, hugging and cuddling in the water and exploring the beach.  They are all just simple but the most joyful things you can do in the beach.  The sun was also friendly on that day, it was not too hot.

We are unmindful of the passing time.  We only noticed that it’s time to go when our hired driver took a kindly peek in our cottage.


The only spoiler that day is that our camera is low in battery and we left the charger.  This is the same reason that we didn’t go island hopping.  The camera is blinking the “low batt” warning and we thought that it would be a waste to go island hopping without documenting it.  Anyway, we are definitely coming back in this island. 

All in all this unplanned escapade surprisingly turned out to be one of the best and memorable among our family bonding.  It also made us forget about the cancelled trip to Boracay.  In Guimaras island we found our own P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E!


"The best things in life are mostly unplanned"


  1. "The best things in life are mostly unplanned"
    i agreed, because That was god's plan

    1. yes you're right :)
      THANKS for passing by my site!

  2. I am longing for bare feets in the sand, but it is too cold here in Norway yet.. Nice beach you visit..

    1. hey roffe yeah you're right. bare feet in the sand is awesome!
      what month is summer time in Norway? It's summer time here right now and it's very hot!
      Guimaras Island in Iloilo City is one of the best beach/island here in the Philippines. It also produces the best mango export. 'Hope that you could visit our beaches some time :)
      THANKS for passing by :)

    2. It's supposed to be summer in Norway from Mai to the end of August.Last summer was cold and rainy.. This summer vacation goes to Colorado, USA.To the Rocky Mountains..

    3. Oh so it's almost summer time there but it's still too cold as you said :( it wouldn't be fun going to the beach when it's cold :(

      Oh wow! Colorado seems a perfect getaway :) One of my good friend is living in the Caribbean and she went to Colorado. The pictures look so awesome. It's a real "rocky mountain high"!

      Enjoy and THANKS for the visit :)

  3. Nice photos! Best alternative! ت

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    Thanks! ヅ

    1. hi THANKS for the visit :)
      Done! Just made some clicks on your site ;)
      Come back often here ;)

  4. Oh that's sad that you weren't able to go to Poracay. But then am happy that you had a blast at Puimaras. Not bad at all! Lol! Thanks for the visit! Muah!

    1. ha ha ha talagang binitbit mo dito ang "P"oracay ha sis! Yeah we had a BLAST! You're welcome. THANKS as well. have a great weekend :)

  5. Wii..nice naman love your photos sis looking sexy on your red swimsuit :) . thanks for the visit ha im glad u finally can open the link. have a good weekend!

    1. ha ha THANKS sis "siksik" ba :P
      oo nga ang gaganda ng Boracay pics nyo at kasama pa talaga si mama at si papa kainggit!
      have a great weekend too. THANKS for the visit!

  6. Buti di kayo natuloy nung 10-hour drive, sobrang kakapagod talaga yun kasi natry namin yun ng friends ko from boracay naman to iloilo. ubos oras, pagdating ng iloilo mga pagod na buti nalang nakapag enjoy na mula sa boracay nun. Yey completo na family pic nyo, kamukha pala eldest mo sa husband mo at yung bunso sa iyo :)

  7. hi gracie oo nga. sakin ok lang but the kids ayaw nila. but telling from your experience mukang nakaka-pagod talaga. ang samin pa naman sana back & forth :(

    we have trunk-full of family pics but I was hesitant to post due to privacy concern & my hubby values privacy. kaya lang hindi kumpleto kwento pag di sila kasama eh "kaya what the heck" lol.

    at mukang ganoon nga ang "hatian" sa looks lol. buti naman naka-pasok na comment mo :) at THANKS sa visit, lam ko busy ka. take it easy sis! have a great weekend!

  8. From Iloilo ba kayo? Ganda ng guimaras, nakita ko rin sa ibang travel blogger ibang beach dyan at maganda nga. Saya ng family escapade nyo, kitang-kita sa mga pics na nag-enjoy kayong lahat. Agree kay Gracie, hati kayo ni hubby sa looks ng kids. At ang cute nyo mag-mommy sa "talikod effect" na pic, next time ganyan photo din kunin ko. Hehe, gaya-gaya lang... :)

  9. @TPW
    We're from Mars adventuring in earth lol!
    I love it because it was one peaceful adventure. Next target mo na yag Guimaras :)
    I'm saving that "talikod pic" sana for a "Sunday Photograph" post but can't resist na hindi masama on this post (may ganun pa he he).

    THANKS sa dalaw

  10. Although it's an unplanned vacation like you said but I can tell that you and your family had a great time. I love the place especially the mango and banana. I really miss our native fruits. :-(

    1. Yes Sam we had a great family time and it's very memorable. Naku naman you sounded that you really miss our fruits :( I'm sorry I have to say it again, Guimaras mangoes are really ooh so yummy :) Be sure to include Guimaras in your itinerary when you come home for vacation :)

      THANKS for dropping by and see yah around :)

  11. First time to visit your blog. na curious na ako kasi lagi kong nababasa and name mo sa mga nag comments sa mga blogs na binabasa ko. So, now I am visiting and enjoying with your escapades. I am sure that I will come back again!

    1. Hi joy THANKS for the first visit :)
      ha ha lagi ba? makulit ako no? but sa totoo mahilig talaga ako magbasa that's why I'm enjoying blogging. lagi din kitang nakikita and I think I've visited your site several times and nag-e-enjoy din ako reading your posts.
      THANKS see you around sis :)

  12. added sa blogroll. at taga-ilo-ilo ako hehehe

    1. taga-iloilo ka to?
      and u added mine sa DAMUHAN!!!
      waaah nahulog ako sa upuan teka lang hindi ako maka-recover sa pagkaka-add at pagkahulog sa upuan mamaya na ibang comments, speechless pa ha ha ha...

  13. Ang sexy oh!!! Pupunta din kami ng ELF sa Iloilo/Guimaras sa September! Lalo ako na-excite!

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