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We’re on Page Rank 2 – Thank You Very Much

Two months ago I was so happy announcing that this blog went on Page Rank 1 after seventy one (71) days of blogging.  Today, exactly after one hundred fifty seven (157) days of blogging, I am in high spirits to announce that WE ARE ON PAGE RANK 2!

PR2 Balut

Again this achievement is reached out of pure hard work  - no fancy paid marketing strategies, just pure passionate writing and blogging.

THANK YOU to the high and mighty One for this blessing, to my family and friends who have always been supportive to my writing and blogging passion.  Thanks also to Google for the ranking, and most of all THANKS TO YOU my dear readers and followers for patronizing, reading, appreciating and following my blog.  EXTRA THANK YOU to my very supportive blogger friends (you know who you are).

I am more driven to blog passionately, entertainingly and responsively. MARAMING SALAMAT  po!

thank you

For those who want to check your page rank, you can check it from here.


  1. Gratulerer! (Congratulations) Pataas ng pataas ang ranking, good luck and more interesting blogs to write para more traffic at more blessings pa hehe. Good night here, good morning dyan!

    1. THANK YOU Gracie! isa ka sa malaking dahilan ng rank na yan, you've been very supportive of this blog. You're one of my blessings Congratulations din sayo!
      Thank you din for the free norwegian language lessons dami ko na natutunan :) Good day and good luck to both of us :)

  2. Congrats Balut, pakain ka na talaga kasi PR2 ka na..hehehh...ang galing naman. I'm happy for you.keep it up.

    1. THANKS A LOT Mhie! ha ha sure basta may earnings na dito wala pa eh lol. I'll be happy to share the blessings especially to you all my supportive blogger friends :) Good luck to us :)

  3. naks, ang galing-galing naman. sikat ka na Balut, congrats! :)

  4. Congrats..You are clever..

    1. Extra THANK YOU to you Roffe. You're one among my first blogger friends and you've been very supportive to my blogs. I really appreciate that.
      I wish you continued growth to your very established site :)

  5. Replies
      wag ka naman masyadong matagal maglaho at nami-miss ko ang mga makata mong post :)
      Good luck to both of us :)

  6. Congratulations! It's often difficult to grow PageRank with a Blogspot blog. You're doing well!

    1. THANK YOU Amanda!
      I totally agree with you it's really difficult.
      I visited your blog and you have one great site :)
      THANKS for the visit and for the wishes. Good luck to you!

  7. Ehrrr, you also need to thank the PR blogs who links with you po Ms. Balut. When you link with a blog with a page rank, they tend to lift your page rank up.

    When I started blogging, I didn't know about this. When people say they wanna link exhange, I said OK. Then my blog went from PR3 to PR2 because unknowingly, there were blogs with no PRs that were linking with me. So just last January, I became extra careful with who I exchange link with. Some do take advantage you know.

    But of course, this is also your hardwork: writing quality content and driving traffic to your blog. I'm still not aware of SEO and how it really works, but hey, blogging has other benefits apart from that. Look, I'm talking with a friend now (you) so that's more than enough. LOL!

    Congrats and hopefully, your PR increases next time so you'll be the one to pull me up on the next google update. LOL!

    1. eto na ang wagas na comment na pinaka-hihintay ko - ang sensible na makatang si YKOG :)

      Ehrrr - actually Mike I already thanked them (including you:), heto kayo/sila
      "my very supportive blogger friends (you know who you are)"

      I'll share you a secret - I've been in the internet industry quite LONGER than I'm doing my personal blogs :). I worked with bigger and complex sites than blogs and part of my work is SEO/LInk Building so I can humbly say that i have a "bit" of knowledge about SEO :) (konti lang namang kaalaman). I'll share a simple tip later at the end of this comment.

      when someone requests for a (reciprocal) link exchange, hindi ako tumatanggi lalo na pag maganda ang pagkaka-request. I don't mind kung mas mataas pa ang PR ko, gagawan ko pa rin ng paraan na mai-link ko yung tao in any way. That's the reason why I always tag/link blogger friends in my posts = they are outright links and better than being in a "link farm".

      Here are my simple rules on link exchange:
      Kung sino nag request sya mauna maglink, usually ang nagre-request naman eh yung lower PR. Pero after 2 weeks hindi pa rin nagre-reciprocate eh tanggalin mo na kahit mataas pa PR nya useless yun LOL.

      I entertain link exchange request without worrying that my PR would go down kasi I'm confident that I can get it back thru "GREAT CONTENT", social media, etc.

      On blog roll: pag nilagay ako sa blog roll I'll put you back in my roll. And when u go on top of the roll siguradong babasahin ko yung post mo kahit hindi ako interesado lol. I call it appreciation na nag-effort yung tao na nag-post. ngayon kung hindi ko maintindihan ang pinagsasabi eh titingin na lang ako sa pichurs. at pag wala namang pichurs ay ewan na nga ba! ha ha ha

      (sana naman wag katulad ng iba na nagbabasa lang at nagko-comment kasi magpo-post sila after nilang mag-comment= para basahin at komentahan pabalik :(

      kung nauna naman akong naglagay sa blog roll ko't lagpas ng isang buwang hindi mo ako pinapansin at hindi mo man lang nililingon ang blog ko, aba'y maunawain lang ako pero hindi naman tanga kaya tatanggalin din kita he he

      And I TOTALLY agree with you that there are LOTS OF BENEFITS in blogging so we should not worry too much about links. Having a sensible friend like you is one (heto na... nagkakabolahan na lol).

      at kung hindi pa man masabing tips yung mga nauna kung nabanggit, eh heto pa ang isang tip sa baba :) Pero bago ang lahat MARAMING SALAMAT sa pagdalaw kapatid! I'll be happy to pull you up or anybody if I'll be blessed to rank higher than PR2.

      Runner-up na naman tayo sa longest comment :)))

      a simple TIP about linking:
      the search engines think like this: if a site has lots of links from other websites then it MUST BE IMPORTANT"

    2. Hello Ms. Balut, my brother asked me to Google something so I'm forced to turn on the PC. Since andito na lang naman ako, I remembered you told me to check back on this post.

      Huwaawww! Thank you for the tips. Haha, seriously, that made sense. I'm a bit impatient when it comes to stuff like 'waiting for two weeks' but I will certainly try that.

      Good morning, I'm off to take a shower. Will read this again next time I do blogwalking. I certainly have understood the content but would like to dwell on it longer.

      See ya!

    3. hala sige talagang babalik pa ha ha. wait kita :))
      take note mo yung last tip :) see ya!

  8. hi, congratz sa'yo.. dati PR3 ako pru bumaba, hindi na kasi ako naka pag update ng madalas eh...busibusihan sa life.. hehehe.

    1. hello THANKS!
      sayang naman yung PR3 :( but kung worthwhile naman yung pinagbusibusihan mo ok lang :)

      magka-exchange links ba tayo? ha ha

  9. congrats tita balut...ang lupit ng comments mo kay mike...di maarok ng aking munting kaisipan..hehe BTW congrats ulit...nawa ay umabot sa PR 9 ang blog mo (mala-google) hehehe :)

    1. THANK YOU Tito Lester lol.
      You're ONE BIG factor for this level up, napaka-supportive mo :)
      aha ha ha di ba maarok? basta take note mo lang yung last tip.
      PR 9 won't happen to a blog. I think didn't reach it? It's kind of "Mission Impossible" unless it's the US Govt website and Twitter - they have PR10 LOL.

  10. hi, thanks for stopping by at my blog :)
    sure I'd love to add your blogs to mine. Will let you know ASAP when done okay? have a great day.
    congrats on your PR.


  11. Hi THANKS for stopping by also and for the greet :)
    more THANKS for the links, I linked you back in all three of my blogs.
    see yah around!

  12. Congrats to U and hope Ur Pagerank more better later....kiss ;D

  13. Do not be discouraged bro ........ those who have an important punt PAGE RANK try and try in order to get PR and how caranyan untu EEL survived anad have gained PR blog from google ... and for following me because my blog age and have not yet deserve a PR for my friends who do not have homework, go on ...


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