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Attending A Media Launch From a Blogger's Perspective

Registration In-charge: Good morning Ma’am, from what publication please?
I’m a blogger
Registration In-charge:
Oh great! can I have your name please?
And my name is printed on a name badge along with my blog's title!  I look around and I’m wearing the same name badge worn by members of the media. Then I was ushered to sit among the professional reporters from leading Philippine newspapers and tabloids. From Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, Remate, name it and they are all there.  I’m elated, really elated!

WM blacked
my "media" badge :)

Media launch is not new to me. Having worked in a corporate job with affiliates in the entertainment industry for years, media launch and other media-related functions has been a part of my job.  But not as guest or attendee but as part of the organizing team.  I am one among the people working behind to make such functions possible and successful. 

Through my blogs also, I am able to get to be invited on trade fairs, shows and exhibits.  But this is the first time I attended a huge function as a "media" (allow me to call myself).  It was an amazing experience and let me share to you the awesomeness that happened during the media launch of the 36th  Milo Marathon at Bayview Park Hotel on June 21, 2012.

I was sitting in one of these tables among the professional reporters from the leading Philippine newspapers


Upon entry, we were provided with the copy of the press release and a souvenir flash drive.  We were also invited to have our photos taken in their photo booth wherein your picture will come out looking like you are running among the kids shown in the stage back draft.  We were also given free race registration for the 36th Milo Marathon in any distance category of your choice.

Then the usual program ethics follows, the prayer, introduction/opening remarks and opening number.

The flash mob type dancers.  Coming from the crowd on casual outfits then exposing their MILO singlet as they dance towards the stage in Milo’s jingle
“I’m getting ready, getting ready”

Lunch Buffet

The ever humble and accommodating Coach Rio dela Cruz of Runrio Inc. (Race Organizer Head) delivering the good news that the MILO Marathon is now a member of Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

During the question and answer portion with the audience and media.
Atty. Eugene Yap (Bayview Hotel General Manager),  Robbie De Vera (MILO Sports Executive), Andrew Nerie (MILO Sports Executive), Coach Rio dela Cruz (Runrion Inc/Race Organizer Head),  Ritchie Garcia (Philippine Sports Commission Chairman),  Pat Goc-Ong  (MILO Sports Consultant)

Manila Bulletin reporter asking questions to the MILO Marathon organizing group.  It was a delight listening to his concerns/questions about the presence (and domination) of foreign runners (Kenyans) in the Philippine running events.

The media photographers from the Philippine newspapers taking photos for the official photo opps (while me taking the photos of the photographers  – LOL).

At my table amidst the classy goblets, MILO chocolate drink in paper cup is served.  This paper cup has its classic purpose…

The ceremonial toast. For a bigger and better 36th MILO Marathon Cheers!
(yep that's my left hand holding my Milo paper cup joining the toast
while my right hand taking the photo)


And here’s the official photo of the ceremonial toast provided to me by the very efficient organizing team
MILO Marathon Press Release pic1.1

When I came home I asked myself why I had the honor of this invite.  I did some clicks and found that my running blog is one among the sites on Google’s top page under the Milo Marathon niche (and also on other site page ranker -

I realized that I have been blogging about the MILO Marathon since I started my running blog.  It was at the same time since I started joining this country’s most prestigious running event. It sort of been my passion to blog about it thinking that in my own little way, I am able to support its noble cause.  No one encouraged me to do this nor pay me anything while I’m doing this.  It is just my pure voluntary passion of supporting this cause. I also remember that I always say on my blog posts and through social media,

"When it comes to Milo Marathon, let me be your media!" 

So do you think I deserved this honor to be invited?

If you want to know the detailed information of this media launch, you may check it from my running blog here.  Cheers!

And oh, I get to take home these stuff Winking smile
(sorry I wasn’t able to include the cute souvenir photo)



  1. thats a lot of freebies
    i love milo but not a fun of running haha

    1. ha ha try running MEcoy. it's good for the body :) THANKS sa dalaw!

  2. Wow! Balut, you've got numerous freebies! :)

    1. OO nga Marco ang dami no!
      at tumatakbo ka rin pala? tatakbo ka ba sa 36th Milo Marathon?

  3. Congratulation Balut. You deserved all of it:)

    1. THANKS Joy! and I'm really thankful for the opportunity:)

  4. Replies
    1. hindi naman alvin, konti lang... ha ha
      salamat sa dalaw kapatid :)

  5. dami nyan ah!! prefer ko rin ang Milo kaysa sa ibang brand--go!go! Milo ;)

    1. ha ha kahit nandyan ka na Milo ka pa rin ha ;)
      THANKS sa dalaw!

  6. Wow sis to the highest level na ang beauty mo.hehehhe..ang dami nilang Freebies na binigay sayo.

    1. Oo nga sis, dama ko ang haba ng hair ko lolz! My most fave is the flash drive :)THANKS sa dalaw

  7. What a good achievement Ms. Balut!

    Level up! Congrats.

    Keep on blogging, keep on rockin'! hehe.

  8. THANKS Wrey! ha ha oo nga ilang days supply din. my kids really love them all :)

  9. ganda ng kuha mo sa mga likod ng mga photog. ahahaha

  10. and also, now that I manage to quit on my smoking,palagay ko pwede na ako ulit tumakbo. dati kasi hinihingal ako eh, pero last Sunday, sinubukan ko kasi nga boring ako, ayun hindi na ako masyado hiningal.

    1. wow! great to hear that. CONGRATULATIONS on the successful "quit smoking" - such an achievement talaga.

      takbo ka na sa Milo dali!

  11. yup, at naisip ko, sana diko na sinubukan pa noon mag-yosi. ganun din naman pala pakiramdam kahit wala. gumastos lang ako. ehehehe

    kelan ba yang event na yan. tignan ko baka makasali ako.

  12. I hate to say this Lawrence but smoking is really stupid lol.

    Naku join ka na, I'll PM you the links from my running blog. Dyan ka na lang mag-hook sa running. I promise you it's fun!


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