From Rizal Park to Boracay to Bohol - It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

Independence Day is a national holiday in the Philippines that means no work for our "nine-to-five" tax paying heroes.  My BFF is one of them (and I used to be one also) so I had the chance to have bonding time with her on a weekday holiday!

We went to the Mall of Asia (MOA) to register for the 36th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations.  As usual, MOA never fails to entertain and amused me.  With my countless visits to MOA, be it a quick stop, mall strolling or jogging, I always find something interesting and exciting each visit.
This time the mall is bustling in the aura of the 114th year Philippine Independence Day celebration.

As we passed along one of the arcades, we chanced upon these two huge dioramas cum photo wall themed in two best tourist-attracting descriptions.  They are posted in Spanish era designed lamp posts (also a diorama).  Here’s sharing the subject of these diorama scenes and some quick shots.

Time Travel, More Fun in the Philippines

Travel back in time as you visit the best preserved monuments and buildings from several centuries back.  Step to the house of stones and bricks at Vigan’s heritage houses.  Have a glimpse of Rizal’s infamous life in Intramuros and Luneta Park and reminisce the day that we take pride in waving the Philippine flag at Aguinaldo’s house in Kawit.  These are just few of our historical sites that affirm our identity as Filipinos.

I’m at Rizal Park (Luneta)
  at my back is the Aguinaldo House in Kawit, Cavite


My BFF with the Spanish era designed lamp post where the diorama description is printed.  At her back is the Time Travel Diorama


Vacation in Style, More Fun in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to many fascinating tourist destinations.  From the amazing perfect cone volcano of Mayon, Boracay’s white sand beach, Visayas numerous stunning islands and diving spots, to Palawan’s exotic wildlife and to Davao’s Philippine Eagle.  Whichever you choose, vacations are always in style and more fun in the Philippines.

I’m in Boracay!


I’m with the Tarsier in Bohol!

A schedule of Cultural Performances around the mall is also posted.  But since this is supposed to be just a quick stop for us,  we were not able to watch the show.

It is just heart warming how Filipinos, ordinary citizen or huge organizations promote the beauty of the Philippines.  And it is really heart breaking when some people ruined it in an instant.  Just like that American who lived and worked in one of our beautiful island for three and a half years only to publish a video with his twenty negative nonsense. For all the beauty he can find in the Philippines he found his twenty negative nonsense!  Is that the thanks we got for adopting him here for three and a half years?

Anyway he is just one (nonsense) person.  I bet millions are saying that “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”


  1. Replies
    1. THANKS! you're welcome to come often :)
      you have a great site as well, I've just been there.

  2. 3 times pa lang ako nakapunta ng MOA, at everytime na makapunta dun, nagppromise ako na hindi ako babalik for at least a year, super kahaggard siya puntahan for me, haha! Alam na pag galing ng malayong probinsya, lol!

    Ang saya ng mga diorama! Namiss ko ang boracay! More fun in the Philippines talaga! Ang dame ko pa hindi napuntahan..

    1. ay naku heaven sakin ang MOA kasi kahit ano need ko nandun. try going on non weekends ma-appreciate mo sya:)

      O di ba instant trip ;)

  3. akala ko boracay & bohol talaga, nagcompute tuloy ako kung pano makapunta from 1 location to the other haha, yun pala pwede gawin lahat ng to through moa, ayus!

    1. ha ha may I compute ka pa dyan ha. ayos di ba?
      salamat po sa dalaw :)

  4. whaah kala ko namn totoo na haha dang saya nun pg nagkataon haha

    1. ha ha ang saya di ba MEcoy? salamat sa dalaw :)

  5. Nice to see that they are promoting beatiful places to visit in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing too so that your readers can get the idea:)

    1. oo nga Joy marami na talagang nag-e-effort ngayon to promote the beauty of the Philippines. sana lang wag ng matabunan ng mga pagka corrupt ng mga taga government.

      salamat sa dalaw :)

  6. so TRUE... it's more FUN in the PHilippines...

    1. yey! really More Fun in the Philippines!

      your profile is not connecting to your site so I am not able to visit your site.

      THANKS for the visit. Please leave your URL so I can visit you back :)

  7. It's more fun in the Philippines! It's more fun in Boracay! Boracay is indeed a paradise. It's nice to know that you are promoting our own Boracay Island. Travelers and foreign vacationers enjoy visiting us because a lot of people keeps on promoting Boracay and we are very thankful for that. Keep on posting and sharing! Can't wait to see more.. :)


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