Random: Traffic!

♫ Oh the traffic outside is frightful,
But the scenes are so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let It Flow! Let It Flow! Let It Flow! ♫
I’m sorry to warp a bit this joyful Christmas carol, but this is exactly what I’m feeling right now after being on the road everyday of this week fixing things and documents and haist!

I’m unfortunate to be hopping to three major cities in Metro Manila for this whole week.  Three different cities but one thing in common – horrendous traffic!  Not that traffic is new to me being a city dweller.  But these days is really horrendous!

Obviously it’s about the holiday rush.  City dwellers are quite expecting that this scenario begins this week when everybody is back from the All Saints Day (Halloween) holiday break, and

when street children start knocking on car doors and hopping on jeeps singing Jingle Bells,

when every corner turned magical,

when trees turned into tree of lights and electric fireflies are everywhere,

when streets and avenues look like hangar,

when the Nativity scene suddenly appears on tall building’s roof tops and walls,

when the bearded man in red suddenly appears on shops ceilings with his reindeers

and when tropical Philippines suddenly has winter wonderland venues!

the Philippines Christmas season officially starts indeed and boom! the horrendous traffic comes with it!





I took these random shots from the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) using my mobile phone.  I could have captured the scenes during the annual ceremonial lightings of the streets of Makati City because I was at the area earlier that day.  But what I did is what I habitually do when in Makati City.  I always try to escape the city during the rush hour of a working day.  I opted to go home early rather than witness the lighting fun, then be sorry later if caught in traffic for hours which I'm absolutely sure will happen.

On Friday night it took me one and a half hours to be back home from MOA area.  It is supposed to be just ten to fifteen minutes without traffic.  In fact I can easily walk or run this distance to-and-fro.  Had it not been I’m wearing a business suit matched with a heeled shoes that day, I could have just run or walk my way back home (LOL).

Then what greeted me upon reaching home is the TV news that there was a multi-vehicular road accident at  C-5 Road (Makati City and Tagig City areas). One person died and twelve people were hurt from this traffic accident where eleven vehicles are involved.

Photo Source: newsinfo.inquirer.net
C’mon people!  The reason why it is called the “holiday rush”  is because of the Christmas holiday – the season of giving and sharing.  Why are you all so hot headed on the road?   Should it be that the official song these days is ♫Give Love on Christmas Day♫ ?

Brace yourselves for more holiday happenings, but most of all brace yourselves for the horrendous city traffic! So be cool people!


If you want to have an official welcoming of the Yuletide season, the 50 foot Christmas Tree of the SM Mall Asia will be lighted on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 5PM.


Now may I say with much exaggeration, thank God it’s Saturday! I’m home and blogging!


  1. Tsk! Tsk! Alam na kung ano ang icocomment ko. kakahomesick T.T Mamimiss ko ang 2012 Christmas sa Pinas. Tama po Christmas is the season of season of giving and sharing. Regalo ko :P

    Kanina lang nagpapatugtog ako ng Christmas song. Naglagay narin pala ako ng Christmas countdown sa blog ko. hehe

  2. Ang Holiday Rush ay para sa paghahanda sa nalalapit na Pasko pero dapat mag-ingat lalo na sa pagmamaneho... para iwas sa aksidente... grabe pa naman ang traffic pag nalalapit na ang Christmas!

    Nakaka miss talaga ang Pasko sa atin ^_^

    Naggagandahan ang mga Dacors... Advance Merry Christmas ^_^

  3. hay ewan ko dito samin wa pang spirit ng xmas hahaha
    di nmn kami tulad ng manila na masadong rush sa ganton panahon

  4. Ang gaganda ng mga Christmas displays sa mga malls! Parang gusto ko sila lahat kunin at ilagay sa bahay namin! hihi!

  5. Nakamiss ang mga lights kasi dito rich country, but have minimal lights. It seems that they are afraid of lights. Hi hi
    But there is no traffic whete i live. Three minutes drive to work:)

  6. Hu hu.. homesick :( beautiful lights ang ganda :). Kaka sad naman ung banggaan wala kasing disiplina. Dito meron silang festival of lights big deal sa mga american ang decoration lalo pag pasko. Mga kapitbahay mo pagandahan ng front yard :) kakahiya pag di ka mag abala.

  7. kapag may okasyon dito sa pilipinas, parang lahat ng tao naglabasan sa bahay nila! hahaha kaya madaming banggaan at mas traffic! xmas is family! malapit na!

  8. The traffic is indeed terrible, times 10 pa during the holidays, but it does help that we have a festive and happy feeling inside to keep us sane :)

    Grabe ang aksidente - sana wala ng maulit na ganyan..

  9. omg! I know what you mean. traffic was horrible along all the major roads like edsa, ortigas, and taft. divisoria was especially bad. buti lang nga i was able to get a new condo in Pasig and since it's so near the Tiendesitas and Makati/BGC area, I don't need to hassle myself with the traffic. Christmas is going to be more fun next year, lol.


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