All I Want for Christmas? Naah!

I’m quite hesitant to make this post because I never did make Christmas wish list for quite a long time.  Well not unless it’s necessary like for company exchange gift purposes.  But still, I don’t write it as Christmas wish list but I write it as “What I want to have even if it’s not Christmas.”  Probably by now some of you know the reason why I don’t write Christmas wishes.  As corny as it may sound but I really just have one wish after that Christmas.  Not that I’m still wishing for it. I don’t know but… I never outgrew that… It just stay that way…

Don’t get me wrong though.  It’s not that I do not enjoy the Christmas season.  I’m one passionate person when it comes to Christmas.  I do decorations, I send out personalized Christmas greetings, I shop for gifts, I go to parties… and of course I do answer to Christmas post tags from my awesome blogger friends like Joanne and Juicy Jay who tagged me in the Christmas meme called “All I want for Christmas”.  And even I’m not the kind who list down Christmas wishes, it is to my delight that I am tagged!  THANK YOU guys! Forgive me though cause I will be violating some rules here.

So here are the six things that I want to have even if it’s not Christmas.  They are actually in my “to buy” list but it’s either that I can’t find them yet or I miss to buy them.

Body Pillow
I just love to throw them anywhere and hug them after spending a lot of sitting time with my lappy while I’m alone at home.  Btw, I hate small pillows.

Miami Heat #6 Jersey Shirt with sleeves (Female Cut/Black or Red)
I’m a huge Lebron James fan (don’t even try to argue with this because I promised you it would be a war! LOL) I’ve been looking for this kind of shirt but what I usually find are  big sizes for male. Medium female cut will do for me.

Nike Running Socks Size 6
Yes I can’t get enough of this and I’m biased with the swoosh brand (forgive me).

Running Watch
It does not need to be extra-ordinary or expensive. I just simply love watches of all kind.  Running give me an extra reason to collect different watch designs (wink*).  I love them in shocking colors (orange, purple, green, yellow but NOT pink).

Baby Ruth Bars
I’m not a chocolate/sweet lover but there’s something with the Baby Ruth bar that takes away my bad mood or my hang-ups whenever I' have one.  I love biting the bar so I don’t like the bite size.

Cell Phone Holder with clip FOR Waist Belt.
It’s a bit the same in the photo but something that is designed for running.  I’m looking for a holder with belt but not a belt bag (it’s complicated I know, that’s why I can’t find it LOL).

There it is!  The six things I wanted to have even if it’s not Christmas.  And EVERYBODY is TAGGED!  so everybody can do their wish list.

As for my list - I made it simple and they can all be sent via post right?  I am sending you all my postal address (grinning).  Remember, you can send them to me even if it’s not Christmas! Smile with tongue out

“Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas everyday”
~Helen Steiner Rice ~

Photo Source: Google Images


  1. Wow mukang sporty po kayo ha ^^ Sana makuha nyo lahat ng wishes nyo before this year end :)

  2. I love baby ruth too...what will you do if you'll fail to receive them?

  3. And the sport personality in you sprung-up with those wishes. And yes, I agree, wishes or wish list shouldn't be centered on Christmas season only BUT everyday. On that note, May you have a Merry Christmas Ms. B. Cheers for the season's best to offer.

  4. Sporty na sporty! Good luck sa mga wishes mo Ms. B. Wish ko na matupad yan lahat. hehe Merry Christmas :)

  5. Miami Heat #6 Jersey Shirt! Fan din kasi ako ni Lebron James. May napanuod ako sa tv commercial na running shoes designed for runners talaga. Parang sa Sketchers ata :))

  6. okay ah! Goodluck sa mga wishes mo... sana makuha mo yan ^_^ Advance Merry Christmas ^^

    parang di ko pa natikman ang baby ruth bars hehehe

  7. how i wish may kakayahan akong bigyan ka balut kaso as of now isang malaking PAL pa din si mecoy hahah

  8. Interesting! Me rin mag wish na rin ng mga ganyan, kasi I started training. Hi hi:)

  9. gusto ko rin ng malaking unan tapos yung sobrang lambot.. fan ka pala ni Lebron hehe..wala lang..

    im sure maa-achieve lahat yang wishes mo :)

    merry christmas!

  10. Active na active ang iyong list!

    At Fan ka pala ni Lebron James... may pinsan ako na fan din ni Lebron james at gustong nyang ipangalan sa Baby nya ay Lebron James din... Kaso di natuloy dahil maraming kumontra... Naisip ko lang kung ikaw yon... buwis buhay ang mga kokontra hahaha

    Goodluck sa mga wishes mo!

  11. ayaw mo ng pink watch? eh yun daw ibibigay ni santa sa 'yo eh...hehe! *dyuk*

    good luck sa mga wishes sis, sana matupad lahat ng wishes mo, at higit pa. Maligayang pasko sa iyo! :)

  12. Sporty po pala much ko din ung Heat...go Lebron!...hihi Merry Christmas! Sana makuha mo lahat ng wishes mo, but I know you will...:)


  13. Gusto ko din ng BabyRuth! Maraming marami! haha! Advance Merry Christmas! May all your wishes come true!

  14. That was a fun wishlist mamalut, btw I ask 3 good friends of yours here in Blogsphere but none of them can share to me your address. Surprise pa naman sana kita ng Jersey then i found out ang mahal pala nyan ha ha! Naisip ko Tubleron or Ferrero eh nadulas ka na di ka pala mahilig sa sweets, and di ka mapili so okay na ba ang chocolate na Serge or Almo? meron pa ba nun? :P

  15. Hi Balut,

    Ok ang Christmas wishlist mo ha. Share ko rin pala wishlist ko on my own blog ;-) Just started. My warm christmas greetings para sayo at sa lahat na magbabalut! Merry Christmas!


  16. Nakakatuwa naman magbasa ng wishlist mo mamaLut, parang feel ko din gumawa bale wishlist for the year 2013 hehe.

  17. Baby Ruth lang ang afford ko kaya bibigyan kita when we meet Ms Balut! Hope your other wishes - and all your heart desires will come true :)

  18. as in shocking colors na syo yung mga kulay na yun ah.

    Zai, gusto ko rin Baby Ruth. penge din ah. hehehehe

  19. At least you know what you want. I have no idea what I want. :P


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