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Mixed Nuts: A Special Acknowledgment Post

Ok I’m not referring here about the popular junk food and the former TV show but I’m referring to several blog post tags and greetings that I need to acknowledge “big time” not only for blogging ethics but also because I sincerely appreciate them “BIG TIME!”

I intentionally did not mention about them during the holiday season because my plan is to acknowledge them altogether in one post.  However, I under estimated the thoughtfulness of my fellow bloggers. I did not expect that there would be a lot!  So this post might be a bit long please bear with me because these people deserved a well written acknowledgement.

First, the SMP Blog Award and awesome holiday widgets from Maria.

First off, I apologize my dear if I didn’t get to reply to this tag during the holidays.  It is for the same reason as I’ve mentioned above.  But nonetheless I just want you to know that this is much appreciated. Who wouldn’t want to be awarded as “Super Miss Popular”!? Aaaw! So here’s my answer to your questions.
Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Whose local/foreign celebrity would you want to play you?
Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock maybe?  I’m really not sure who I want.  I chose these two actresses because they have hyper-active life like me.

You get to become a villain for a day from a Disney movie. Which villain are you?
The wicked aunt of Cinderella.  I consider her as the most famous villain so if I will be known for such I would rather choose the most famous or, the most hated one lol.

Aside from family, what's your greatest accomplishment in life?
My blogs. Because I used to write for someone else before and it’s always a plan to write for my own but I kind of delaying it. So I consider this as one of my accomplishments though not the greatest.

In your own views, what's the spirit of Christmas?
The spirit of Christmas is HOPE. Because it is the birth of our savior.
I apologize if I will park the tagging from here.  Since my reply to this is quite late I read from other blogs that almost every blogger I know is tagged.   Much thanks also for the wonderful holiday widgets girl!  The one posted here adorned my side bar for the whole holiday season and the blinking “Balut Manila” widget was useful for my Christmas Post.  You are so creative!

THANK YOU to Pao Kun of  "To Infinity and Beyond! Pangkalawakan!" for this awesome FAMILY picture!  I proudly posted this in my personal Facebook labeled as “my blogging family”.  I saw also that this has been a “box-office” hit among fellow bloggers - applause, applause!

My Blogging Family

My smile is gleaming when I see this unique Christmas Tree from Sis Leah of Travel Quest.  A much even better holiday tree than all the one I saw this season. See those beautiful faces in the Christmas balls? I’m one of them yey!

Christmas-Living-Room-Design-christmas-tree copy

Juicy JayAbout Jay's Journey shared to my Facebook Timeline this beautiful Christmas family picture that you can also find from his holiday post, just click the link.  It is heartwarming to see a fellow blogger in a happy home with his happy family.  Thanks so much Jay for the Facebook greetings.  May God continually bless and guide you and your family.

Aside from the awesome New Year greeting card that JONDMUR created for me and my other fellow bloggers, I found this cute Christmas card in my Facebook inbox!  I’m imagining that Jon is one of the chipmunks, but oh I remember he’s a “Blogerong Penguin” ha ha.  Love it!

123 Greet from King AI also found this warm greetings from my email inbox and it came from no other than King A of Chateau De Archieviner.  Wow.. this really makes my holiday a little more warmer.  Thanks again King A!

The next two are not holiday greetings but I can’t just let these two sweetness and thoughtfulness past without special acknowledgment.

Apart from the sweet New Year greetings that Arline of the Pink Line sent me, she made me these sweet cup cakes for my blog anniversary.  Hmn.. I can taste its deliciousness even by just looking at it from Twitter.  Thanks again Arline. Aside from being one of the sexiest, you are also one among the sweetest in the blogosphere.

Pink Line
And if there’s a sweetest girl here, here’s one among the sweetest and the most supportive boy in the blogosphere - MEcoy!  I am out words describing how you've been around all along.  THANK YOU Mecoy - really love and appreciate this cute greet!


THANKS to all of you thoughtful people! I feel so guilty that I can’t return your thoughtfulness in deed (yet) - again my apologies. My schedule for the last quarter of 2012 and until now is too chaotic. If not for my passion for writing and expression plus the fun I'm getting from all of you, I might have given up blogging considering my current scenario. The “chaos” here is in the positive side though, except that I feel that I have too much to handle right now that if I will add anything that is even the most minimal, I will be unable to handle it anymore.

A BIG THANK YOU also to those who greeted me during the holidays.  My blogs followers, readers and especially my frequent commentators.  I know that most of you has the same busy “going-ons” in life especially during the holidays but you still took the time to visit my blogs.  I said this before and I’ll say it again, you made my holidays in the blogosphere more meaningful, fun and exciting!

And for those who think that they should be especially mentioned in this post but did not see themselves -  I love surprises, who knows you might receive one from me one of these days (wink*wink*).  See you around peeps!


  1. Katunayan lang eto na maraming nagmamahal sayo. :) A Big Welcome Ms. B. We lab u:P

    Wala padin ang postcard ko? :'( Sad! Happy Holidays ulit :)

    Happy 2013 :)

  2. Kaaliw makita ang iba't ibang greeting nun Christmas at New Year, meron ka pang pang-blog anniversary! Yun gawa ni Pao-kun na collage ng pinagsama samang mukha naten, gusto kong ipa-frame, galing talaga! There's no stoppin' in bloggin' ah.. :D

    At tama si Arvin, madami kasi talaga nagmamahal sayo dito sa blog world, isa na ko dun, alam mo yan, hehe!

  3. iba na ang sikat. marami nakakaalala....

    looking forward to read more post from you this 2013 Balut.

  4. andami Ms.B! andaming nagmamahal sa iyo :) happy 2013! :)

  5. The gifts and greetings we recieved from blogfriends are really awesome. And nice to read that love is in the air kahit magkakalayo.
    By the way, nalunod na yata sa pacific ocean ang padala ko card sa yo. Di talaga nakakarTing:)
    Anyway, good luck. We are both having busy days ahead:)

  6. Wow! sis, galing naman, super like ko ito, nakita ko nga ito kina Joy at Joanne din.Agreed! ako iba talaga pag maraming nagmamahal.

  7. its better late than never balut hahah

    the most supportive boy in the blogosphere? haha well mukang ganun nga ata ako haha
    masaya kong makapagpasaya haha siguro clown ako nung past life ko haha basta masaya ako pag may nagawa akong isang bagay para sa isang tao


  8. Seeing this post melts my heart. This is awesome Mr. B. You’re such a sweet and bubbly person. Now, I’m really convinced that friendship doesn’t require physical appearance always. That, you can still find genuine people even in the online world. I’m so delighted and thankful to have known you and other bloggers and become part of my life. God bless you more!

    1. Sorry, it should suppose to be Ms. Tsk tsk emote na ako pero mali pala ang gender salutation ko haha

  9. di ko alam kung ano sasabihin ko pero napapangiti ako... parang nakaka good vibes lang hehehe

    Alam ko naman na daming nagmamahal sayo... at isa na ako diyan... buti na lang na discover ko ang kagandahan mo...

    smile always....

  10. that only shows na marami ang nagmamahal sa iyo... kasama na ako jan next year...yey...

  11. Whoa, you got a ton of Blogger related things over the break. It's been months since I last got an award.

  12. You've been very blessed with good friends! Wishing you more blessings to come this 2013 and the coming years! Happy 2013!

  13. Wow, daming greetings, SUPER MS. POPULAR talaga, congrats!! happy new year ulit! :)

  14. Bongga, more greeting, more fun Balut! Sana next time maka sama ka sa kita kits namin :) Happy 2013! :)

  15. You are obviously Ms. L for Loved! hehe tama ba yun? basta ako diman ako mag-effort ng mga pic greet na yan basta alam mong suportado kita at kapag dika active sa blogging o twitter namimiss kita, MamaLut! Tsaka salamat sa suporta sa PBO nagsucceed tayo yey! Thanks be to God

  16. Hello! Thank you so much for taking time answering my questions.. Everyone loves Angelina Jolie hehe!

    Hope you had a great holiday..more happy moments this 2013..^_^

  17. Ikaw na tlga sista ang dami nagmamahal!


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