Sunday Memory and Photograph: Hala Bira Iloilo!

Today, January 26, 2013.  Iloilo is celebrating the climactic Sunday of the biggest festival in this city that is comparable to Cebu’s Sinulog - the Dinagyang Festival 2013.  Expect everyone to be in the streets and shouting Hala Bira!

Going back to the Monday that we were leaving Cebu, my heart was aching to stay longer and explore Cebu City.  If not for a business appointment that was waiting for us in Iloilo city, I was ready to miss that Monday morning flight and go on flight hunting once more.  But that was one important appointment that we can not afford to miss so off we go to Cebu International Airport with heavy hearts.

“Pit Senyor” was still playing in my ears and my foot is still hopping to the tune.  But as we step on familiar grounds at Sta. Barbara Airport, another festival air welcomed us.  It’s in the breeze, it’s all around us.

Hala Bira Iloilo!  It’s the Dinagyang Festival!


The photo is taken from one Korean restaurant in downtown Iloilo during the Kasadyahan Night.  KGB stands for “Korean Grill Barbeque”.  There was so much business competition during the Dinagyang festival.  Cheaper food “tiangge” were scattered all around the streets and it sort of became the major competitors versus the more established restaurants. I say the owner is so witty to post this signage on her Korean restaurant.  It did serve its purpose for whoever passed at this place is amused of the signage.  Some got curious and made them come in and check the place.  We are one among the curious and we got lucky to be served personally by the owner.  She cooked the super hot Korean noodles that we ordered right on our table.  Unfortunately, with some beers and so much going on during the day and night of the "Kasadyahan", I can’t remember any name of the Korean dish that we had.  what I do remember was that all of them tasted awesome and hot!

A series of posts under the category “When in Iloilo” will be published on this blog.  That is to share my awesome experiences in this beautiful city that I considered my third home.  I hope that the things that I will be sharing in my "When in Iloilo" posts will be helpful to those who wanted to explore this beautiful city.   Meanwhile you may want to join me as I reminisce my Dinagyang Festival experience.

Iloilo Gearing for Dinagyang festival 2012

Dinagyang 2012 Kasadyahan Night

Dinagyang 2012 - Ati Parade and Competition.

Hala Bira! Kadto na sa Iloilo!


  1. i wish i can attend this awesome festivals next year. i really hope so. =D the ass picture is so hilarious hahaha

  2. Thanks for sharing. Now , may idea na ko. Ang layo lang kasi ng place.
    Nice and fun pictures:)

  3. My cousin Xtian is there witnessing the one of the grandest festival in the Visayas Region. Well, he's a graduate of a university in Iloilo and he got a reunion to spearhead too.

    I was laughing hard about the "ass" photo here..but they looked toned-up and firm huh! hehehe

    If Sinulog has a chant "Pit Senyor", then Iloilo is also up to say "Hala Bira" -

    How I wish I can be there one of these years ahead.

  4. kung ang cebu may pit senyor at ang iloilo ay hala bira hindi ako alam ano ang sa amin dito sa cdo hahaha hindi pa ako nakapunta ng iloilo but ive heard already na super lambing ang mga tao masarap na food yan ang best pagkain! hahaha ang gala mo talaga hehehehe one of these days isa ang iloilo gusto kong puntahan. wanted to see old churches din ng iloilo.

    at ang cute ng mga pwet!! hahahaha

  5. tsk tsk....ang saya ng buhay mo ms in travel ka...

  6. Hala bira pala ang sa Dinagyang Fest. Sarap ng buhay Ms. B. It's really more fun in the Pinas. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could attend this event :D

  7. Hala Bira! Liked the idea of Korean Grill Bbq.

    Well I'm sure that's not mine! Hahaha! Haven't been on any festival celebrations. Hope I can experience one soon! :) Thanks for sharing po miss B!

  8. sarap naman ng experience na yan. adventure and challenging din. in fairness talaga sa businessman ng resto na yan, effective ang kanyang marketing strategy.

  9. I always wanted to go out in street and mag hala bira! hehe.. Hala ang ganda at ang saya ng gala mo. Tayong mga Pilipino ang isa sa mga maraming pista around the world, kaya mapuntahan ang 2 sa masaganang fiesta dito sa atin ay fulfilling na.. :P

  10. haha want ko din maexperience sumigaw ng oit senyor at hala bira hahaha
    nakakatuwa ung poster hehe di ko kaya yan haha

  11. bonggang bongga ang adventure! runnner up lang ako syo Balut sa mga rampahan :)

  12. Taken last year? Diba maysakit ka now? Hehe, sana pagaleng kana. Hala bira! :D

  13. Ive never been to Cebu and I hope that I get there one day. Im not a festival fun kind of person as I hate being in a crowd but hearing your stories, it seems like its fun!


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