Before January 2013 Ends Part 2: New Caledonia, Norway and New York

Triple N!
What a coincidence that these sweet bloggers happen to be based in a country that starts with letter “N”!  They are the ones who I mentioned from my previous post Before January Ends Part 1: Foreign Currency Collection.

New Caledonia
It all started when King Archieviner of  Chateau De Archieviner posted that he is  sending post cards to fellow bloggers.   I am one among the lucky ones who received such honor from the King (wink*).  

Bonjour! The two pieces post cards from King Archieviner. Nice handwriting eh!


Front view of the two post cards.
One is a regular size post card and the other one is panoramic.  They are both awesome but I so love the panoramic one because
(Clifford the Big Red Dog is mine. I made him sit on the envelope to cover my address lol)


I apologize King A if I did not mention that I already received the post card.  I actually received this during the holidays but there’s a special reason why I did not post about this during that time.  It has something to do with the “Norway” portion of this post.

Again my sincere thanks.  I really love receiving postal mails so I really appreciate this  very much!

So the reason why I did not mention about my receipt of the post card from the kingdom of King Archieviner is because of a  fine lady from Norway - Joy of Joy's Notepad.  I know that she mailed a card for me so I was supposed to make a special post for the cards that will come from New Caledonia and Norway together.  Unfortunately, it seems that Joy’s card got lost in the mail.

It's the thought that counts Joy.  Even if I did not received the card I would like to say thank you for taking some time out of your busy life to mail me a card.  Thank you Joy!

Talking about Norway is like talking about another fine lady based in Norway.  She’s always been sweet and supportive with me and my blogs ever since we crossed paths in the blogosphere, Gracie of Gracie's Network!

Aside from being sweet, she's also thoughtful and reliable not only to me but with other blogger friends .  Fact to that is that she already granted the wish of our blogger friend Leah of Travel Quest about the paper bill collection.  But before I talk about that, let me share to you first what Gracie made for me while I was sick…
I’m speechless… THANK YOU Gracie!


New York
Just like any New Yorker, Leah of Travel Quest is always busy.  But she never fails to visit our blogs whenever she can.  She also takes time to say hello and join our (kulitan) twitter convo.  It is is during one of those tweets that she mentioned about her paper bill collection.  She’s the main reason why I posted about my foreign currency collection.  My post is a bit delayed because I have yet to look from my (pack rat) things this collection of mine.

I consider this perfect timing because I am sending Thank You cards to these awesome friends as I’ve mentioned in my anniversary post.   So if they wish, I could include one each of paper bill from my collection (photo below).  I’m sure Leah will be very interested so I’ll give her the chance to be the first picker.  (I’m not sure if King A and Gracie is interested.  I saw them exchanging paper bills so I thought they might be lol).

3 (old) Two Philippine Peso; 1000 LIVRES (Banque Duliban); FIVE DIRHAMS (United Arab Emirates); TEN and ONE RIYAL (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency); TEN New Taiwan Dollars


I apologize if I can not offer the rest from my collection.  I found that there’s a story behind each paper bill that I can not part with.  I offered the old Two Peso Bill because they are already rare and no longer in circulation.

For other readers from other countries who wish to exchange paper bills with me in exchange of the current Philippine Peso paper bills.  Just drop me a comment or a private message in my contact page.  Thanks and Happy collecting!


  1. wow may postcard ka din sabi ni pareng archie ee ako din padadalan nya hahah

    ang cute ni clifford

    at pati ung sketch na literal na balut

    san mo naman nakuha ang mga perang yan balut ni hindi ko pa nakita yan ahh

    1. baka nade delay lang yun sayo MEcoy :)

      kung saan saan galing yan MEcoy :) post ko ulet pag nadagdagan pa!

  2. Wow! Ang ssweet talaga ng mga cobloggers natin! :))
    Yung post cards hindi na din dumating sakin, naligaw na ata! :(

    Meron din akong 2php bill. Isa nga lang! Wala lang, share lang din. Hahaha!

    Ang ganda nga ng penmanship ni king A at drawing ni miss G. :D

    1. Baka nade-delay lang Pao :) Nagko collect ka ba?

      At oo winner ang handwriting and noob sketch :)

  3. Sweet ng blogger friends nating sina Arvin and Gracie and Leah! Ang cute naman ni Clifford the red dog! :)

    1. Super sweet nga Zai pati ikaw syempre sweet hindi mo nalilimutan ang blog ko (teary eyed).

      Fave ko yang si clifford eh :)

  4. Wow! Buti may nakarating sa yo. Maybe I should send again kasi di rin lahat na receive ang cards na pinadala ko:(
    Dapat siguro email ko na lang:)
    Thanks for mentioning me anyway:)

    1. Ok lang Joy kahit hindi nakarating yung sayo baka nade-delay pa lang rin. Alam ko naman na nag send ka :) And it's my pleasure to mention you :)

  5. Kahit sila na lang bigyan mo ng lumang pera, basta yong pinangako mong picture na ipapadala mo ang aabangan ko wahahahaha!

    1. HA HA HA sakit tyan ko kakatawa dito Super M.

  6. ayaw ata nila, pwede sa 'kin na lang yun 2-peso bill? ;)

  7. Replies
    1. hey THANKS!
      do u have a site? your link directed me to your Google page.

  8. wow...ang bait tlga ni King Archieviner..I've met him narin sila ni dadi jun they went to rcbc and through the effort of senyor iskwater...I hope i can also meet you this feb 15..m,ay kita kita:)

  9. Yep the sweetest guy in the blogosphere :)

    Hope to meet you as well ;)

  10. Wow! ang galing naman sis..and you know my hubby is the one who's collecting money bill.

  11. wow! buti ka pa na-receive na ang postcard from the king yung saken ala pa rin :( sana dumating na rin.. naunahan pa sya umuwi ni Archie eh hehe.. sweet naman ni ate gracie ganda nung sketch nya..

    nako-collect din ako ng paper bills ng ibang bansa.. sadly 3 pa lang meron ako.. amalooser! hahaha...

  12. Aww your so sweet mamalut! Can't thank you enough for being such a sweet and generous to me :) kahit nowadays medyo nag lie low ako sa bloggers nasasama pa rin ako sa mga post mo. Btw i like the taiwan money wala p kc ako nyan :) sobrang thank u sis. Sana makarating sa akin yan kc ung kay Poging Archie wala pa eh :( tapos na nga pasko Vday na ala pa rin. Anyway mamalut kung ok lng pki pm mo sa akin ung address mo din ha. Thanks much!


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