Goodbye Timothy Mingz… I will Miss You So Much Buddy

Your most loved pet will always be ever willing to take the bad things coming your way… he might took the fall for the bad things that is currently coming for you or your love ones.  Remember he’s doing it for the eight time and he gave the last one still. He’s in cat heaven now, just thank him and let him go…
The most comforting word I received from a dear friend after my buddy… my cat Timothy Mingz died on a Monday morning.  The word coming from a pet expert made the moment a bit less painful.

Copy Mingz
The last photo of Mingz taken just eight days before he died.  Stubborn until his last photo alive - relaxing on a deli tray where he’s not supposed to sit.  The black mark on his nose is an oven mark he got somewhere which I refused to wipe clean because the family is making fun of it.  He is wearing his newest cat bell that “he got from Santa Claus last Christmas” thus the color of the tiny red and green bell.

Some of you might say that I’m over reacting for the death of a cat but I don’t care. We have been through a lot together and we treat him not just a pet but a member of the family. Those who really know me in the blogosphere are aware that he’s even included in my blogger’s profile.

There’s a lot more stories to tell about my cat but there’s just so much sadness in me right the now.  I guess I don’t have a choice but to say goodbye.

Good bye Timothy Mingz my buddy rest in peace… THANK YOU for taking the fall for the 9th time and I know if you have more you will still be taking the rest for me.   I will miss you so much buddy… I love you and you will forever stay in my heart…


  1. Oh my... Nalungkot ako sa post na ito... Affected dahil animal lover din ako... Pag nawala sa akin ang doggy ko, i dunno what to do... Sa tulad nating animal lovers, family ang treatment natin sa kanila...

    No comforting words can take the pain away...

    Condolence Ms. Balut...

  2. Condolence po, I lost my pet rabbit when I was in high school and it was very traumatic for me... :( I'm not used to deaths kasi.

  3. Aw, nakakalungkot ang kanyang pagkawala. Alaalang maiiwan ay hindi makakalimutan. Ngunit, huwag malungkot pagkat siya'y kapiling pa rin, at malay natin may bagong papalit. :)))

  4. condolence sa pet mo...lossing a pet is really heart'll get through it..:) You're not over reacting feel the same way if I were you...:P


  5. my condolences balut,
    hays kawawang timothy naiintindihan kita balut!
    at touching ung message na natanggap mo

  6. Condolence. <- Alam kong hindi sapat ang word na ito para macomfort ka. Like you, I've been there.

    I once lost a pet, nope, she's not just a pet, but a member of our family. She died last May 21, 2012, Monday. I will never forget that day. :(

    Ilang weeks bago ako nakatulog ng maayos dahil sa pagkawala nya. OA no? But that's the truth. I always imagine her playing sa harap ko, doing her stuff and kinds. Malambing kasi. Katabi ko pa minsan matulog. And sometimes I ask myself: "kung buhay pa kaya sya, asan kaya sya ngayon dito sa bahay? ano kayang ginagawa nya ngayon?" :'(


    Kaya nilang ibigay ang true definition of love, pure love na walang hinihinging kapalit.

  7. aaaaaw nakakalungkot naman.. condolence.. i have felt the same when our dog Ceidi died.. i really cried and felt so sad.. it took me some time to move on :(

    rest in peace Timothy Mingz...

  8. Kaiyak naman. I can relate sa yo kasi nong nawala ng 14 days ang cat ko ay ang lungkot ko. buti bumalik uli, but one day I will be like you grieving for a much beloved cat.
    Take care!

  9. He'll be missed. :( Almost all pets are like members of the family.

  10. nakaka lungkot naman.. noong may pusa kami nakikitulog matulog sa aming kama yun lang din na miss ko sa pet namin malambing...

  11. really sorry to read about what happened to your pet, your friend, Timothy Ming..I've lost pets before and it really is sad and difficult. Hugs Balut! he's in kitty heaven now!

  12. What happened bakit sya nawala? Sorry for your loss Balut :(

  13. Sad... Sana nakasmile ka na ngayon. Ako din nuon, super nasad sa pagkamatay ng dog namin. Halos 10yrs namin syang nakasama.

  14. All pets are family members indeed coz they give unconditional love. So it's really painful to lose one. Hugs!

  15. Thank you all for your comforting thoughts/comments...

  16. nakakalungkot nga... kahit ako affected din pag namamatay ang alagang hayop.... lalo na nung bata pa ako.....

    pero smile na muna ngayon ^_^ wag na ma sad....


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