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Sunday Quote and Photograph: The Sunshine Follows The Rain

The world goes up and the world goes down, The sunshine follows the rain; and yesterday’s sneer and yesterday’s frown can never come over again. ~ Charles Kingsley ~ The photograph is taken from my mobile phone after having coffee at a 24 hour donut house one April dawn.  This view caught my reverie and I actually had a second check if it was really dawn at the time that I saw this view from the horizon.  Oh yes it is dawn not dusk!  It is really the sun that is about to break  from the horizon.  It was raining so hard the day before this dawn.  The kind of rain accompanied with frightening lightning and thunderstorm – the kind that makes both adults and kids to scamper to bed for cover.  The kind of rain that somehow makes you feel that there will be no tomorrow… no more sunshine… But look!  There is the sunshine!  Fighting against all odds to come out and spread its power!

Vicita Iglesia 2013: Seven Churches this Time

I hope that I am not too late for my annual and traditional post about Vicita Iglesia. Every year I wish to visit fourteen new churches. It’s sort of hitting two birds in one stone. First is to fulfill my Roman Catholic faith. Second is to satisfy the blogger in me.  However this year I visited seven churches only.  I had a flu (running nose)  at that time and I don’t want to aggravate my condition.  Also this year,two among these churches are not first time visits for me.  Read and tag along to find what are these churches and join me as I meditate for Good Friday while being a blogger. First church is… THE REDEMPTORIST CHURCH in Baclaran Pasay City.  The home or Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I have countless visits to this church because I am a devotee of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help. If it wasn’t in conflict with my work I am attending the novena mass at this church almost every Wednesday. Our (un)plan is to visit churches in the Cavite area this time.  Howeve

Sunday Thoughts and Photograph: Seagulls and One Fine Lady

The distance made it impossible to give a birthday hug and cheers… The online ordering process maybe an epic fail… The postal service may be late and whatever … But my thoughts will not fail in remembering a good friend on her special day… HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one wonderful lady I am blessed to know about in the blogosphere… GRACIE! The photograph is taken during one of my wanderings.  I don’t know why seagulls and the calmness of the bay reminds me of Gracie.  Probably it’s because of what I am seeing on her Twitter profile – “FOLLOW” her and you’ll know.  Or the amazing photos that you can check out on her Facebook Page – “LIKE” her and you’ll enjoy.  Or the amusing stories she shares on her Blog Site – drop by and don’t forget to leave a “COMMENT”.   And here's a secret - a picture greeting will cause an extra smile in Gracie's face and a tear of joy in her eyes. Love you dear Gracie! Now you owe me a piece of your cake (wink*)!