Sunday Quote and Photograph: The Sunshine Follows The Rain

The world goes up

and the world goes down,

The sunshine follows the rain;

and yesterday’s sneer

and yesterday’s frown

can never come over again.

~ Charles Kingsley ~

Sunshine WM

The photograph is taken from my mobile phone after having coffee at a 24 hour donut house one April dawn.  This view caught my reverie and I actually had a second check if it was really dawn at the time that I saw this view from the horizon. 

Oh yes it is dawn not dusk!  It is really the sun that is about to break  from the horizon.  It was raining so hard the day before this dawn.  The kind of rain accompanied with frightening lightning and thunderstorm – the kind that makes both adults and kids to scamper to bed for cover.  The kind of rain that somehow makes you feel that there will be no tomorrow… no more sunshine…

But look!  There is the sunshine!  Fighting against all odds to come out and spread its power!


  1. nice shot ah! kahit mobile phone lang ang gamit :)

  2. Nice quote and shot dear. Have a happy week:)

  3. Hmm feeling ko may nagbabalik hehe, either naayos na lappy o kaya ay bumili ng new;P

  4. You really have the ability to capture great shots Ms. B.
    And the story you put into it makes it more amazing. Ang ganda!

  5. well that's the wonder of life ika nga god really knew how to say hello in a major major way hahaha, anyway stunning yung shot mo ms balut!

  6. wow...ang sosyal naman ng mobile phone na yan at capture ang view ng malinaw...

  7. so inspiring naman. yeah simple thing like this is actually magnificent and priceless

  8. Not bad for a mobile phone shot, iba talaga pag ginamitan ng talent ang pag-picture! Plus the poem and the thought were just perfect too

  9. Nice shot and insights. Gasgas mang sabihin there is a rainbow after the rain. Hehe layo!

  10. Ganda ng shot! Very majestic :) Same as the thought of the poem. Have a great weekend Balut! :)

  11. Ang ganda ng shot! Wala talaga yan sa camera eh, nasa nagdadala yan kahit ano pang klase ng camera gamitin... Ang galing! Pakape ka naman Ms B! hahaha

  12. gnada ng photo mam :) pati quote.. :)

  13. ganda nito ma'am. pag madilim talaga kahapon, mas matingkad ang sikat ng araw kinabukasan. apir!

  14. thanks for capturing that rare moment.

    Ganda ng shot :)


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