So What’s Up With Me?

I have run out of reasons (or alibi) not to update my blogs.
  • The net has been ok.
  • My lappy has been fixed for quite a while now and in fact there’s a new lappy in the house
  • I’m not too busy for two weeks now - I quit my regular job. Finally after four attempts ha ha
So what’s the reason?
  • I don’t know! 
  • Call it PROCRASTINATION or whatever I just simply call it “my bad!”
  • I just can’t make myself to finish a post.  I have several drafts  for all my blogs but I really don’t know why I’m not posting them.
What’s the consequence?
  • I might lost my advertisers :(   Thank God the views are still ok and the ranking is still the same.
  • I missed a lot of blogging opportunities and might lose more if I’ll continue this attitude.
  • I owe a lot of  blog hopping to my dear blogger friends which means I missed a lot of good reads too.
  • I failed to post significant posts for the last two months.  I don’t think I posted enough summer topics and the summer is almost over.  I don’t even post about Women’s Day and Mother’s Day tsk tsk
What’s I have been doing lately?
  • Aside from following the NBA Playoffs (lol) which luckily my team Miami Heat is leading…
     well here are some other things…
  • Eating a lot! Hmmn.. This gives me another idea on what to post about next (Wow! my blogging veins is working now :)
  • Movie marathon all day long.
  • Doing Facebook and Twitter in a “Phantom of the Opera” style (ssssh…)
  • Tagging along with my hubby’s football games and to anywhere where I can tag along with him. So we’re dating a lot lately (wink*)

    Can you see me from the crowd? 
    Me at UFL
    Photo Credits: Goal.PH

  • Joining the “surfing frogs” while on summer vacation.
    surfing frogs
So what’s next?
Hmn… good question!  I’m not sure yet.  All I know is that I need to be out of this “un-me” before it get worst.

So if you see that this article is posted send me a congratulations eh? Thanks!


  1. Hi Ate Balut! nice to see you again in the blogosphere

    1. hey donna THANK YOU so much! Message like yours makes me more inspired to continuously blog :)

      Btw dear, do you have a blog? Let me know so I can visit you :) Your profile here connected me to your Google Page :)

  2. Welcome back Balut:)
    By the way, may problema talaga sa blog ko na ayaw mag update sa mga feeds ng followers ko. Di ko alsm kung pano i repair.
    Gumawa ako ng bago: Hope you can follow me there. Or else you can follow my entries by mail, twiiter or fb kasi pinost ko don kung may bago skong entry. Good luck:)

    1. THANK YOU Joy!

      Sana maayos na ulet yan. I already followed your new blog :)

  3. Hello Balut! Congratulations, hahaha.. I missed your blogging! BTW, I hope you're better now.. you know, from whatever happened the last time when I read your tweet.. mwah!

    1. THANK YOU Juana! laking achievement ko na nakapag-post after long absence ha ha ha

      Yep I'm good. Everything turned out well thank God:) At syempre miz na miz ko din kayo :)

  4. Congratulations Ma'am! Hangtagal na nga ano?
    Ikaw ba yung nakablack?

  5. Im happy for you and Miami! so wala ka ng work kaya let's meet na!

  6. welcome back balut! p[arang di naman ganun katagal eeh
    kung kaw ee ngquit ako naghahanap pa lang ahha
    dame ganap!
    ganda nung shot ahh at ayun ka oh

  7. Congratulations Balut hehe!

    Post mo na din ang Tagaytay trip nyo :)

    I saw you sa crowd, ikaw yung beautiful girl in black :)

  8. Congratulations ms B, welcome back sa blogosphere! ;)
    pareho tayo sis, more than 1 month din akong alang post, tamaritis lang eh, hayss! :( read your post sa lucky blog, isasara mo na pala sya, sayang ha.

  9. When you run out of reasons it's good to come back to blog land even if for a snack attack.

  10. Welcome back! The only time I ever had trouble with blogging is when I'm not doing anything interesting enough to talk about.

    And to prevent missed blogging opportunities I just write up a post about the event as soon as possible and then post it later. It's like a post for a rainy day!


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