Sunshine Award and Other Sunshine

Sweet Rej of Superaena gave me another award that really brightens my day – SUNSHINE AWARD!  I think this is the second award I got from sweet Rej.

The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers who positively and creatively inspire other people in the blogosphere.  Wow! I really hope that I am able to inspire people in my own little way.

This award  comes with three simple rules.
  • Acknowledge the person who gave you the award
  • Do the question and answer
  • Pass on the award to 10 inspiring bloggers, link and inform them
Sorry Rej darling that my acknowledgement came late (again). But as you know I kinda got lost in the limelight for the past two months. And going back to the blogging track I want to start it right by giving you this BIG BIG THANK YOU!

Now here’s my favorite part of the award – the Q&A! Let’s do this ha ha.

  1. Who is your favorite philosopher?
    Einstein is not a philosopher but a physicist.  He is my favorite person and he's a genius anyway so he can be called in any term that is synonymous to “intelligent” 
  2. What is your favorite number?
    As Shakespeare says in Julius Caesar  “Beware… the Ides of March”.  “15” is my birth day and according to numerology or whatever it is about number, 15 is a strong number which reflects my personality.
  3. What is your favorite animal?
    Cat and his name was Timothy Mingz (insert sad emoticon here)
  4. What is your favorite time of the day?
    Morning or anytime when there’s natural silence.  And dunno why but I really like it when it’s raining while I’m writing (no flooding please jeez!)
  5. What’s your Facebook and Twitter?
    Like Me here and Follow Me here and I’ll give you a kiss Muaaah!
  6. What is your favorite holiday?
    Christmas – I’m passionate about it for all the obvious reasons.  I love decorating, playing Christmas carols, giving gifts and of course receiving gifts too!
  7. What is your favorite physical activity?
    Running!  Check the link and join me to Run! and Keep on Running…
  8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drinks
    Coffee! Doesn’t matter if its branded or not as long as it tastes and smells like coffee.
  9. What is your passion?
    Writing, music, (watching) sports and a lot more.  I guess I’m passionate to anything that I do.
  10. What is your favorite flower?
    Ilang-ilang – my late Mom’s favorite flower. The scent always reminds me of her.
Now let me bend some rules when it comes to the third rule.  Instead of passing the award to ten people only, I am passing the award to everyone who will come across this post.  We are all can be inspiring to somebody in our own way.  It’s up to you if you wish to tag ten people on your own blogs but it would be a lot of fun if you answer the Q&A and write them in the comment form below.  Fun eh?

And here's another sunshine for me!  I found this message in my inbox from one of my readers at the same time that I was tagged for the sunshine award.   I’m used to receiving messages on my inbox mostly complimenting my blog posts.  But this one really touched my heart because it is referring to one place/thing that is dear to me.
“hi! would it be okay it I post your blog site on an album in my FB account? We visited the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy... last February and my heart was deeply touched by the children suffering from the disorder you mentioned. I just hope many people will be able to read your blog regarding the place so sponsorship will pour. The milk alone that they can only drink costs so much. Thank you so much and God bless you always.”
The message came from a certain “Ate Evelyn” from Meycauayan, Bulacan.  The post she’s referring to is my very first entry and my most favorite post on this blog - Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy for the Sick Children.

I already responded to the email as soon as I read the message but I still want to thank again Ate Evelyn (if you are reading this post).  To anybody who will read this particular post and has the same question please feel free to share it.  That is exactly the purpose why I wrote about this special place.  - to spread the word.  Please help me spread the word and you may also want to spare some time and visit this place.

I wish you all the brightest sunshine everyday!


  1. COngrats Ate Balut! Well deserved. It seems like things are going well with you blog. First a domain and now and an award. I'm a proud reader :) Congrats!

    1. THANKS Gene! I hope I brighten your day even a bit. I just came from your site and you seem a little gloomy on today's post.

      Cheer up and cheers ok?

  2. A very nice and touching post from a kindhearted woman:)

  3. Same here, it was your entry about the Missionaries of Charity that got me to read your post. Keep up the great work!

    1. Aaaw THANKS Jonathan. I really hope that I could be of help in my own little way...

  4. wow congrats sa award balut, hmm kaka hiya naman kasi ako fav number ko ee 7 haha na nagsimula dahil lamang sa kapuso ako ahaha,
    hmm naunko lang nakita un post mo about "Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy for the Sick Children"
    at binabasa ko pa lang post mo ee nalulungkot na ko

    1. Ha ha Kapuso ka pala MEcoy.

      Pinaka-una kasi yun sa mga posts ko MEcoy but pinaka-mataas yung view nun palagi. Sana nakakatulong kahit papano...

  5. It's never too late! :) Hi Ate Balut. Hihihi. You deserve this! :) Thanks for answering! :D

  6. Some people don't like awards, which is fine, but I see awards as tokens of somebody's appreciation. So... congrats!

  7. Congrats on the award, but I'll have to pass on doing these. I write way too many of my posts in advance. :P

    1. THANKS DWei! It's ok. That's why I did not particularly tag people because they might not be able to reply for the same reason. I was tagged since March ha ha

      And I'm jealous on your "many posts in advance" - I hope I can do that again. I used to do that before.


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