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Photo Talk: The 34th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF 2013)

In spite of the heavy downpour all day long that Sunday, the 34th MIBF is still jam packed with crowd during it’s last day until closing time.  I supposed due to its loyal crowd such as my family plus it coincides with a weekend payday sale at the nearby SM Mall of Asia plus the UAAP cheer dance competition which is happening also at the nearby MOA Arena. Name a book store and publishing company – you’ll surely find them at the fair. Book signing from local authors, writers and illustrators has always been a major part of the annual MIBF.  We spotted journalist, poet and musician Lourd de Veyra trying to be incognito from the crowd while DJ and writer “Papa Jack” is having a book signing on the same publication where he will be doing book signing too. The queue to Bo Sanchez book signing is as usual among one of the longest. Aside from signing my daughter’s book, illustrator Dom Agsaway made a quick drawing of my daughter’s face on the same page where he signed. Almost

Music Exposure Part 1: When I Was Little

I have a generation gap with my older siblings, particularly with my oldest brother and sister (Kuya and Ate).  Being born the youngest from the brood of eight, my exposure in music is influenced by the different genre where my other siblings belong. Let me start with, "When I was little" (lol but seriously), my father has this business of buying imported stuff from American people in Subic Base back in the days that it wasn’t yet a free port.  He used to bring home a lot of imported stuff, from food,  kitchen utensils, furniture to appliances.  We smell like Americans I tell yah. LOL!  Calling my father “Hey Jo!” up front was the ultimate dream joke for me and my siblings.  But it remained just a dream joke.  My father, in spite of being exposed to the western people is the typical conservative Filipino father.  He is super strict and disciplinarian.  Kissing his hand (Mano Po) was the “must do” when he comes home from work.  One day, my father brought home a stereo that

The 34th Manila International Book Fair (2013)

Yey! Here comes that time of the year once again that we are all feeling excited for our annual book bonding - The Manila International Book Fair! What is more amazing is that it’s now on its 34th year! September 11 – 15, 2013 ● 10AM – 8PM SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, Philippines To have an idea on how fun it is to be at the MIBF event you may want to check our annual book bonding adventures from this posts: Manila International Book Fair (MIBF): Our Annual Book Binding The Crazy Things We Did at the 33rd MIBF (2012) And if you wish to know the detailed schedule of events of this year’s MIBF you can click on this link. See you all there!

Happy 1st... of September! (Re-post: 95 Days Before Christmas)

Happy 1st of September everyone! Today I started downloading my favorite collection of Christmas songs and add them back on my playlist.  I am playing the Ray Conniff selection while editing this post. Please don't be confused with the content/title of this post.  Today, 1st of September is technically 113 days more before Christmas . The following content is a re-post from my former blog "The Lucky Blog" originally titled as "95 Days Before Christmas"... ~ It kind of surprised me big time when I heard from today’s morning news that it is just 95 more days before Christmas!  I can’t help but utter the over used but oh so true phrase “time flies so fast”!  And it flies more faster when you are so caught up with the daily rushes of life that you missed to savor the moment when the most anticipated season of the year is fast approaching. For those who’s been following my blog posts, it is so obvious that for almost two months now, I am having one helluv