Happy 2nd! Thank You So Much!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to this blog!

This year’s celebration will be very simple. No countdown, no wishes, no surprises and the likes. But of course there’s a BIG THANK YOU for all of you who supported this blog in any way.

Thank you my readers, followers, fellow bloggers, sponsors, advertisers, affiliates and to everybody!  You are all the reason why this blog is continuously succeeding.

Cheers to more years of celebration!  THANK YOU!

Moving On… Just Sharing Some Random Thoughts.

“Bangon Visayas”

It’s good to see that our brothers from the Visayas are now moving on from the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda.  Slowly… but at least they’re moving on.  Thanks to the kind hearted fellow Filipinos who instantly united into an unplanned  “bayanihan”.  Much thanks also to all the foreign countries who automatically sent in their aid and assistance.   My prayers now is that the collected funds and relief goods be handled in the most honest and righteous manner and that it will be used solely for the typhoon victims.

To those who has evil plans and who will mismanage the funds and the relief goods for the Yolanda victims,  I wish that Typhoon Yolanda come back to just selectively whip you all into oblivion (forgive me).

May the odds be ever in your favor champ!

Congratulations and thank you also to Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao for that great come back fight against Brandon Rios.  Once again you made us Filipinos proud! 

I may not like or agree with Pacquiao in the other aspects of his personal and political life but my respect for him as an athlete is at the HIGHEST.

It is but just sad knowing that he is facing one great battle right now – against the Bureau of Internal Revenue ( BIR).   I may not also know all the circumstances behind the BIR issue but I am pretty sure that no ordinary Filipino citizen will not be in his favor as of right now.  So my wish of good luck that he may be able to recover all that hard-earned money which he all earned by risking his life in the deadly boxing arena.

May the odds be ever in your favor champ!

Pacquiao when he was still a nobody

Birthdays and Thanksgiving!

Before November ends I would like to greet three fellow bloggers who celebrated their birthdays this November. Happy Birthday to Fiel-kun of Fiel-kun’s Thoughts blog,  Anthony and  Bino of Damuhan.


Hope that the three of you had a great one!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans! 

We don’t have a particular date to celebrate thanksgiving here in the Philippines but for me everyday should be thanksgiving.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Photo credits: Google images

Where Do I Begin? Wordless in November.

This is by far the longest period that I did not post an update for this blog.

I was supposed to publish a post on the first day of  November but the subject is quite sad.  It talks about death.  I delayed the posting of that draft.

I then revised the said draft.  I successfully added more sense to it plus a bit of happiness (and celebration) on this post that first drafted as “sad”. 

Then came typhoon Yolanda (International Codename: Haiyan) – with the unbelievable and heartbreaking devastation it brought to my “kababayan” particularly in the Eastern Visayas. 

I followed every news update about typhoon Yolanda’s aftermath in spite that sometimes it is unbearable to watch.  Each time that I watched, heard or read about it there’s an instant urge to write something on how could I be of help even in my own little way.   But each time I tried to draft I also became instantly wordless.  Frustratingly wordless. Perhaps this is the same feeling that the concerned people who wanted to reach to the calamity victims are experiencing.  Theirs is just multiplied a thousand times.

And if the people who wanted to reach out to the calamity victims are being enveloped with such frustration and hopelessness how much more could it be for the victims?  I don’t have an answer for this question.

Usually when a calamity happened in any part of the Philippines apart from sending my personal donation, I also make my blogs useful by posting information on how people can send donations to the victims.  I collate information and spread them through my blogs.   If there are fund raising events for calamity victims I usually promote these events.  

This time I honestly don’t know where to start.  For several days now I was posting statuses in my social media accounts talking about (making fun of) unrelated matters as if I’m not witnessing the reality of what is going on.  But the truth is... I am in painful silence. 

Yolanda came three weeks after the Cebu and Bohol devastating earthquake and a day after the “most hated pork barrel scam face” of Janet Lim-Napoles appeared in the Senate hearing. I was wordless as well on both the earthquake and that senate hearing.  They are all overwhelming.  They somehow temporarily broke my minimal talent in expression.

As I try to find ways to contribute in my own little way and while restructuring my minimal talent let me just share the only manner that I can be of help right now.  Please join me in saying this…
Prayer in Times of Calamity 
God our Father, look kindly on us in distress.
May we come nearer to your presence to seek true refuge in this time of calamity.
May we continue to trust, to hope and to love, giving each other comfort and encouragement. 
May generous people come to the aid of those who are most in need – those who lost loved ones and homes.
Let your spirit strengthen us to face all the hardships and difficulties of the present and of the days ahead. 
We remember the counsel of Jesus, your Son,
“Let not your hearts be troubled.  Have faith in God and faith in me.”
Help us to turn to you always for you know all our needs and you always provide for us.

Source: “Prayer in Times of Calamity” from my personal prayer book “Moments with God”.


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