Moving On… Just Sharing Some Random Thoughts.

“Bangon Visayas”

It’s good to see that our brothers from the Visayas are now moving on from the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda.  Slowly… but at least they’re moving on.  Thanks to the kind hearted fellow Filipinos who instantly united into an unplanned  “bayanihan”.  Much thanks also to all the foreign countries who automatically sent in their aid and assistance.   My prayers now is that the collected funds and relief goods be handled in the most honest and righteous manner and that it will be used solely for the typhoon victims.

To those who has evil plans and who will mismanage the funds and the relief goods for the Yolanda victims,  I wish that Typhoon Yolanda come back to just selectively whip you all into oblivion (forgive me).

May the odds be ever in your favor champ!

Congratulations and thank you also to Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao for that great come back fight against Brandon Rios.  Once again you made us Filipinos proud! 

I may not like or agree with Pacquiao in the other aspects of his personal and political life but my respect for him as an athlete is at the HIGHEST.

It is but just sad knowing that he is facing one great battle right now – against the Bureau of Internal Revenue ( BIR).   I may not also know all the circumstances behind the BIR issue but I am pretty sure that no ordinary Filipino citizen will not be in his favor as of right now.  So my wish of good luck that he may be able to recover all that hard-earned money which he all earned by risking his life in the deadly boxing arena.

May the odds be ever in your favor champ!

Pacquiao when he was still a nobody

Birthdays and Thanksgiving!

Before November ends I would like to greet three fellow bloggers who celebrated their birthdays this November. Happy Birthday to Fiel-kun of Fiel-kun’s Thoughts blog,  Anthony and  Bino of Damuhan.


Hope that the three of you had a great one!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans! 

We don’t have a particular date to celebrate thanksgiving here in the Philippines but for me everyday should be thanksgiving.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. "Everyday should be THANKSGIVING"

    - pak na pak!!!

  2. same thoughts on MP. ;) re his battle with the bir, as long as he's paying the right taxes, maibabalik naman siguro lahat ng dapat ibalik sa kanya. sya pa, eh dami nya suporta. :)

  3. Goid to know na nakaka recover na ang mga kababayan natin na nasalanta ng bagyo.
    Dito ay patuloy pa din ang fund raising. Sa tuesday ay may concert dito at ibigay ang pera sa nasalanta ng bagyo:) i am gonna be there.
    Happy birthday sa mga pogi :)

  4. sana nga magtuloy tuloy na ung pagbangon ng mga nasalanta,
    at sana din malinaw na ung kaso ni pacman, di biro ung halagang hinahabol sa kanya ng BIR
    anyways happy bday sa laht ng nag bday at magbbday haha

  5. Sad to say pero hindi pa rin totally nakakabangon ang Visayas, di pa nga makarecover heto't may "Agaton" na naman. Prayers for Visayas!


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