13/365: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Less Christmas! (And Yet My 15-Year Old Tree is Still Up)

This is now my 13th entry since I started my daily post challenge and I’m really glad hat I’m still not behind on posting.  But there’s one thing that I’m behind doing – my home holiday decors are still up! Yaiks!

You know that the Christmas holiday is over when commercial establishments take off their holiday decorations and start to change them with Valentine’s Day decorations.

I’m just glad that I don’t need to put on Valentine decorations at home (eew) but I’m frustrated that my holiday decors are still up.  I need an ample time taking off the holiday decors than putting them on.  The “culprit” is my15-year-old- 7-foot Christmas Tree (8 feet with the top trimmings).

It is so taxing to take each trimmings, clean them one by one and return them to their original boxes.  It is as taxing as my wanting to write about this 15-year old tree each Christmas that I put it up and yet until now I don’t have a story to share.  Next Christmas I hope I could write something about it but for now I need to find time to re-box  it.

One of the best way to avoid storage damage for decorations is to use their original boxes when storing. 


So the Christmas holiday is officially over and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to other coming holidays. What holiday do you look forward to?


  1. I just put the tree down this morning as it there was no school today, classes cancelled. I so like looking at the decors but dread the clearing and cleaning up. I am so much looking for summer, which is like six months to go :( Have a great week!

  2. Good luck with that:) Tapos na ko nyan:)

  3. I'll write my comments by number form:

    1. Kudos for having a Christmas tree that has lasted for more than a decade and still standing. Now, I guess it's safe to say that you're a kind of person that treasure things esp. if its use is recurring every year. Hats-off for that :)

    2. I share the sentiment that putting them off requires more time than prepping them up. I had the same experience when we had our community Christmas Party here. When time comes that we need to detach them from where we had positioned, you need to be careful not to destroy its original form. And putting them in a box needs a strategy and a skill as well. Plus your sweat will be your own witness how hard it is to keep them haha!

    3. I always like this kind of simple entry for an ordinary thing but was presented interestingly - that one won't be bored reading. Keep it up Ms. B. you're doing one hell-of-a-great job.

  4. Haha, I still have my 6 ft christmas tree. When a friend surprised visit us yesterday, he was laughing because the decors/arrangement was the same as christmas eve when they celebrated it with us. LOL. My hubby even served coffee with christmas cookies and cakes hahaha.

    Well, I'm looking forward to Valentines Day, go out of town with hubby (maybe) and hopefully it won't be much snow...

  5. Eversince, my family never bothered to put up Christmas decors, kasi yung ibibili ng Christmas decors, ibibili na lang ng pagkain. But now, na malalaki na kami, that is one thing I had been wanting to do, pero di pa din pwede. Kasi maliit ang space sa bahay at ngayon ay di naman ako nakatira sa bahay,. Wahehehe... Hopefully, when the time comes and I have my own home, my entire family will put up a tree like this.. As for the cleaning, I have no choice, I guess, ill be the one to do that too :)

  6. hehe somehow nasanay na ko makita ung decor sa bahay kaya nakakapanibagong wala na at nakatabi na silang lahat ahaha


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