38/365: Moonlight Models (Part 3 of 3): Balut Edition

7th of February

A warm, slow breeze blows in over the dry reef,
Sweeps up the shoreline, dousing me in freshness.


No daylight this, but a world of moonlight,
The heavens are spread with small points of light.


Motionless; I watch the soldier crabs emerge.
Black, noise-some mud clings to the soles of my feet.


My whole world is silent; the village is dark.
My hot soul is soothed and lulled by the sea-sound.


Possessed of a sudden euphoria born of shore-ripples, of wind, of salt, of freedom,
I take up off up the bare slope, dodging crab holes…


This spur-of-the-moment photography is a part of an spontaneous road trip that leads us to a beautiful beach south of the city.

Photo Credits: (my good friend) Ranie de Mesa
Subject/Model: Myself (Unprepared, without make-up not even wearing anything fancy or what not) 
Poem:  Excerpts from the poem “Nighwalking” from allpoetry.com

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Moonlight Models (Part 3 of 3): Balut Manila Edition


  1. Nice Ms. B... I like these series of photos.... wouldn't be even nicer to dance around with a bottle of bud, dancing to the tune of The Doors' "Dancing in the Moonlight" (Doors nga ba kumanta nun?).

    I miss the beach. It's still cold here. Can't wait for the summer...

  2. Someone behind you wants to steal the limelight. Nice photos and location. How I wish I am that photogenic :)

  3. I like the last shot. Parang may iniisip habang nakatingin sa kawalan. Are you thingking of next blog post material? hehehe

  4. Kaw gumawa ng poem Balut? Ganda. Btw, hong sexy, pag uwi ko pose ka sa camera ko ha hehe

  5. All I can say is that "there's an oozing hotness in all the shots" hahahaha.

  6. nice shots balut, model na model ohh, hehe seriously whenever i see you I visualize a strong woman and a dedicated mother


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