41/365: Wok with Balut: The Prelude

10th February

Just to let everybody know – I can COOK too!

And just a clarification also I don’t cook using my laptop as well as I don’t cook while running.  I cook in the kitchen like every normal human being.  I wear an apron using wok and ladle and not a magic wand.

busyThough sometimes I cook while still wearing my office outfit complete with heels  while editing something on my lappy while waiting for the water to boil while listening to the news (from the television) while helping the kids to their assignment while answering hubby’s question on what’s for dinner! (Whew!)

What I don’t usually cook?

I don’t usually cook food or dishes that needs long preparation because I don’t have the time to handle them.  I don’t normally cook the likes of “kare-kare”, “paella”, rice cakes and the likes.  For me these kind of food are best ordered from specialty restaurants.  Although from time to time I also do try cooking them.
What I usually cook?

I love to cook food that are easy to prepare.  Something that you can whip up in a bit but healthy and will turn out yummy.  I prepare foods during occasion according to the kind of occasion.  For birthdays I cook whatever is the request or favorite food of the celebrant.  I also don’t usually follow recipe or a menu list.

For daily cooking I cook whatever there is in the fridge from the week’s buy from the market and grocery store.  This is where I discovered some of my personal recipes.   And these personal recipe  is the reason why I am having this prelude post today. 

A friend has been bugging me to give her one of my personal recipes.  While I was typing the draft email an idea suddenly struck me (again? LOL).  I just thought that since I am sharing my personal recipe to my friend why not share it to everybody instead?

I don’t have the slightest interest of becoming a food blogger but you can expect some post here about food from time to time. 

Do you also cook?  What’s your specialty?


  1. This is one thing I cannot do, to cook that's why I have a personal one, lol! Love vegetables such as capsicum or peas in oyster sauce. I do eat omelette all the time, easiest to prepare.

  2. wow isa ka talagang super woman Ate Balot! hmm nakakahiya man sabihin pero hindi ako magaling magluto. pero wish ko yan, I'm waiting for the moment na matuto ako at ganahan ako magluto.

    mabuhay and happy valentine's day!

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  4. well one mark of being a mother! haha want ko ma try yang luto mo
    kahit ung usual lang hahaha want ko matry magluto luto and mag experiment ng dishes

  5. I don't cook. I expect somebody else to cook for me. My mother. My father. Or somebody else. One time wala noon ang mga parents ko. wala akong mapuntahan. One week ako kumakain sa mga maliliit na Chinese restos. Ubos ang pera ko for one week! hahaha!

    But I do know how to cook. Pasta with any kind of sauce- tomato sauce, puttanesca, pesto, etc. madali lang kasi. Or fried eggs and sausages. Lutong pinoy? Never! HARDEST DISH TO COOK! Hehehe! Italian cuisine is much better (better because it's simple and easier to do,hehehe).

    Because my motto is why cook for hours and eat the food in just 15 minutes? Di ba? It's unthinkable! Ganyan kasi ang philosophy ng mga taong tamad na tulad ko. hahaha!

  6. So does it mean "We will put up a resto venturing together"? Like you, I do love cooking as evident in my long ago food post. In fact, I had this section entitled "The Neophyte Cook" in my blog which eventually died down because I find no extra time for a regular cooking session. But, I still do cook hahaha, sometimes. Most of the time kasi now, it's my mom who cooks for us, since she's here with us. Pinapunta namin ng wife ko.

  7. I can cook! Sana matikman mo ang adobo ko. I love cooking pasta kasi hindi naman effort! Looking forward to see your master pieces! Go!

  8. I don't cook, I just experiment hahaha ayun when hubby tastes, dun ko nasasabi "Oh well I can cook pala" ;)))


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