43/365: You Are Probably Wondering Why I’m Giving This Video A Special Post in My Home (Boyce Avenue)

12th of  February

I like the band Boyce Avenue!  I like the way they cover popular songs.  I don’t just like the vocalist Alejandro but I actually have a HUGE crush on this guy! 

Well who would not have?  Great voice, soulful eyes, sweet smile, stands and looks great even in the simplest jeans and shirt, looks yummy in that unshaven look and a lot more reason BUT!  They are not the reasons why I am giving this video a special post.

Watch the video and find by yourself the reason why.  It’s worth watching and listening to anyway.


  1. I like how they render their covered songs. It's heartfelt. And I like them too, in fact we even had their covered songs sang in our wedding last December 13, 2011. And if I remember it right, I had a post highlighting their song. The song I offered to my wife.

  2. Crush ko ang voice nya, sarap pakinggan! Music mood ako ngayon e

  3. the best male vocals! inget na inget ako dyan sa taong yan! hays sarap kumanta..


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