46/365: Wok With Balut: Post Valentine Lunch Menu

15th of February

Yesterday was such a sweet day not only because of the romantic scenes visible everywhere but also of the sweet treats coming from sweet people as well.  It was such a battle not to give in to these temptation so I just taste them all starting at 3AM having my coffee with donuts given by a sweet family friend.

As if the that donut is not yet enough I also brought home some sweets and we ate all of them too then followed by my three-part Valentine celebration that includes a night out that also involved gobbling.  Come Saturday morning our taste buds does not have the appetite for fancy food specifically with sweets and meat (“naumay ba”).

Rummaging the fridge I successfully found some set of ingredients that I’m sure will be appealing to our taste bud for lunch.

Pinakbet and Pritong Tilapia with Fresh and Crunchy spices for lunch!(I heard a “woot !” from hubby)

Vegetable and fish are the best next-day menu when you just came from previous day’s fancy-eating.
However, the common problem in any home in serving vegie and fish dishes is that most kids dislike them.  I myself has a history of disliking these dishes when I was a kid.  Believed me I think I mastered a lot of tricks on how kids will eat vegie and fish dishes.  Let me share to you some of them.

my own recipe of pinakbet and fried tilapia that even kids will love


A mixture of fresh (local) vegetables that is supposed to be cooked with shrimp paste (bagoong).  However. we are not yet letting our little girl to eat shrimp paste (maybe when she gets a little older) plus my son is still under medication from an allergy so I don’t normally cook pinakbet with shrimp paste except when it is for me and hubby only.

What I do is to sauté the vegies with ground meat (pork or beef).  I will put the ground meat in the pan with some water, heat it till it produced its own oil where I can sauté the garlic, onion and the vegies.  The vegies are the “bahay-kubo mix” which are: kalabasa (squash), sitaw (string beans), okra (lady finger), ampalaya (bitter gourd) and talong (eggplant).

I’ll simmer it in half cup of water until it's crunchy enough to serve then add some seasoning.  The trick is not to over cook the vegies.   

Any fried fish will taste good with pinakbet but I still consider Tilapia as the best choice.  And since eating fish is not appetizing for kids, what I do is to spread the fish with (chicken) breading before frying them.  This takes away the fishy smell plus it makes the fish meat crunchy.  These breaded fish is for the kids only because hubby and I prefer the fish just as it is.

And to make the fried fish more appetizing I usually served it with a combination of fresh and crunchy spices.  On our plate (photo) are onion rings, red and green tomatoes, green pepper, Kalamansi and cucumber.  Sometime I also add slices of bell pepper.

There you go!  A not so fancy but definitely yummy and healthy lunch menu that kids and adult will love!


  1. Love those food and at six in the morning, I feel like having lunch! Some people do not like the smell of fish but your idea is a good one and since I don't cook and I like eating fish as it is, this idea of yours will remain an idea for me, maybe to share :)

  2. Feels like home, just as I saw these kind of foods. I miss these... I miss home, I miss mom... Nyahehe nagsenti pagkakita ng food!

  3. Since hindi ako magulay, push ko ang Tilapia! Yum yum yum!

  4. Tilapia pinakapaborito talaga..lalo na maanghang as in maanghang na tuyo at kalamansi. Pero mas masarap added with a twist of Pakbet. :)

  5. After fried galunggong, tilapia is my next favorite! Oh to eat fried tilapia again! Usually ang mga balikbayan gusto lagi yung mga pagkain na maraming rekado. Ako? Pritong tilapia. I'm the happiest glutton on earth!!!!

  6. sarap naman perfect combination! sarap magkamay hahahaha!
    nagutom tuloy ako naalala ko wala pa kong dinner

  7. thanks for sharing this, I sometimes get allergies too with bagoong but I do love pakbet because I came from the north. sometime I just put patis in lieu of the bagoong but it taste different pa rin. i'll try your version of the pinakbet :)

  8. Napansin ko halos wala akong pahindian sa lahat ng isini-share mong mga food recipes dito sa blog mo. Katakam takam kasi basta home made eh. Nice one!


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