67/365: Random: The Agony of Waiting

8th of February 

A wife waiting for a husband driving home late from work,
A husband coming home to an empty house where usually the wife is waiting,
A mother waiting for her children to be dropped off by the school service.
A family member waiting outside an operating room waiting for the doctor to come out,
A master waiting for his lost pet to come back home…

hourglassWhen someone or something did not arrive or happened in an expected and scheduled time, worry immediately sets in. It is automatic instinct for human to sense that something wrong or bad is happening.

Every second, every minute, every hour matters for a person waiting.  The longer it takes, the more agonizing it is for the person waiting.

I woke up today with the headline news that a Malaysian Airline (MH370) with 239 people on board  had gone missing.  It has been missing for two hours when I first heard the news.  And it has been 14 hours now while I’m writing this.  The plane is still missing and there’s not even any trace of whatever from the plane.

In aviation a few seconds lost in radar monitor denotes trouble.  What more for fourteen hours?  It would be too difficult to apply optimism on this kind of situation.

Crime shows such as CSI taught us the practical analysis of “the longer the time a person is missing, the lesser the chances to find the person unhurt or (worst) alive.  But even though we have this practical knowledge we chose not to make conclusion based on this (convincing ourselves:just this time”)  and hope against hope that the waiting will be over without the tragic news.

The most agonizing thing about waiting is that you wanted it to be over while at the same time terrified to hear the news that will officially end the waiting.  

NO ONE, no one would ever want to be in the position of the person waiting. Especially in a situation where you can’t do anything but wait.

My prayers not only for the passengers and crew on board Flight MH370 but also to the families, relatives and friends who are waiting.


  1. In this case, I must say I hate the word "waiting". The uncertainty that it brought is horrifying enough to cry a river. CNN has been tracking down this incident but reports show no evidence that it has been found. I hope a still optimistic news will come out of this.

    To the families of the people involved in the missing Malaysian aircraft - there is I guess a heightened sense of danger that's been haunting them. I am saddened by the news. I can only offer empathy to all of them. Prayers for them that God will spare them alive.

  2. Yes, it is a tragedy. Let us all put their lives in God's hands.

  3. this remains a mystery... Nalungkot ako nang marinig ko 'to!


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