80/365: The World 10 Happiest Countries. But Where Are The Happiest People (Really) Are?

21st of March

I was doing my regular blog hopping and online news reading when I came across this article from CNN - The World's 10 happiest countries.  My love for discovering and learning about places through reading made me quickly browse the link and read.

You may click on the link to know the details why they are chosen as the Top 10, but let me share to you the quick list of the Top 10 countries: (1) DENMARK (2) NORWAY (3) SWITZERLAND (4) NETHERLANDS (5) SWEDEN (6) CANADA (7) FINLAND (8) AUSTRIA (9) ICELAND (10) AUSTRALIA.

It was a funny coincidence that while I’m reading this article my hubby was doing his favorite morning ritual of playing his vast collections of songs.  What was currently playing that time was the upbeat song “Happy”
and hubby was singing along with the tune.  He has a good singing voice by the way.

I teasingly interrupted him and told him “Now I know why you are happy, you have been to the three happiest countries in the world and that includes the number one on the list.” He peeked on what I’m reading and he just smiled.

My hubby’s profession gave him the privilege to travel to different places in an “all expenses paid’ awesomeness!  The reason for my teasing him is because among the (happiest) list, he had been to (1) Denmark, (5) Sweden and (7) Finland and not just once.  I’m sure you will agree with me that he is one lucky guy eh?  Another icing to my hubby’s cake is that his job is also his passion.

One of hubby’s trip to Helsinki, Finland as one of the coaches of the youth delegates to Helsinki Cup


But you know what?   The funny thing is that my hubby is not the kind of person who makes this thing a big deal.  Though he normally gets excited for every trip but not to the point of wanting to stay in an extended time.  Or do what most people will do when given this opportunity and used it as a stepping stone to work or live in another country for good.  To think that these are wealthy (Scandinavian) countries where opportunity is really vast.

Well I can’t blame him though, I myself had those opportunities one of which is a chance to migrate and live for good in (6) Canada but I did not consider it seriously though I’m not closing my doors about this idea,
He also had some offers to work abroad (with his craft as well) but never did he consider these opportunities seriously.  When I asked him why his reply was “I have been to several places and I don’t feel as happy as I am home” He also often says that there is no happier country than the Philippines.

On the days when he comes home from those trips (Sweden, Denmark, Finland) and I asked him how was the trip, I vividly remember that his reply is always “Ang lungkot dun! hindi katulad dito sa Pilipinas”. (It’s a lonely place unlike here in the Philippines.”

You know the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? I believe it is the same with where you are.  Happiness is not about the place.  Happiness is really where and what your heart feels and desires.  This may sound cheesy but also so true.


  1. True Balut. I saw that Norway is one of the happy countries:)
    Well, I am happy ro be here. My home now:) but of course I miss Philippines and my loved ones there and the foods:)

    1. I was actually thinking about you, Gracie and Roffe when I'm writing this. Gusto ko nga kayong interview-hin about this ha ha.

      My husband past by Norway din pala but they did not stay. I think it was just a boat trip.

  2. all expenses paid awesomeness... I gotta find out what that's like.

    1. Hey Blue! Good to see you!
      Ha ha go ahead and find that, But seeing you here is simply awesome!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Deck - exactly!
      I am amused with your reason kung bakit gusto mong makapunta sa Denmark. ha ha.

      Btw, I click your name from your avatar profile that you used her to comment but it leads me to your G+ profile, Please let me know if you have a site, THanks!

  4. Sana blogger si hubby para na-i-post niya ung updates sa mga trips niya. Basta ako happy dito sa Pinas kahit pa wala sa list.

  5. Hmm.. I want to work abroad. As in. Pero sige, Icoconsider ko tong mga countries na to.. hehehe

  6. Ganda ng morning ritual ng hubby mo. It's good to start a day listening to a song or songs. It just gives a person an extra energy for the day. I've been dreaming of Europe and I hope one day, marating ko talaga ang well loved city ko na Prague - The Czech Republic.

    Anyway, regarding this top ten countries na happy kuno - para sa akin Top 1 ang Pilipinas - saan ka makakita na dinaanan na tayo ng kung anu-anong kalamidad pero at the end of every disaster -we rise up smiling and ready to continue our journey. Kaya, di ako naniniwala sa listahan na yan (patriotic lang lols!) hahahaha


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