102/365: Churches: A Church from Sagada Philippines in the Eye of The Soul Explorer.

12th of April

Marco The Soul Explorer
The mysterious Marco The Soul Explorer is one among the first bloggers that I have regular and fun interaction with in the blogosphere when I was just starting this blog.  And it is such a pleasure thought that he is still around exploring and blogging up to this day.  Some of our common blogger friends had gone hiatus and has not come back yet.

Marco is one among my favorite person in the blogosphere.  Probably because we share the same passion for running  and exploration.  I usually call him “lakwatsero” – the most fitting Tagalog word that best describes his personality and passion.  I wish someday I can also do his other passion - mountain climbing.

For me to describe Marco as a blogger and in person? (Yep I already met him in person ha ha). Apart from being one good looking guy (no argument on this!) he is also a pleasant and a well- mannered guy.

As a blogger he is supportive and thoughtful.  In spite of being the male and older counterpart of “Dora” he never fails to surprise me with his simple yet sincere thoughtfulness. Out of the blue he will drop a comment to my blog or a “hi” or any conversation anywhere online. That is, as long as he's not in any mountain top, backpackinggoing against rapids, dancing in festivals, tasting weird food or finishing a race!

Take for example this request.  I did not even ask twice. I was really delightfully surprised finding this entry on my email inbox!   THANKS Marco!  More power to you and may you never get tired sharing your exploration to all of us!  Now let’s see/hear it from you!


The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

Church 2

Before heading to our next activity, we passed by at the only church in the town. This is a well-known landmark in the town of Sagada –is the only town in the Philippines that is almost Anglican where in 95% of locals baptised into the Episcopal Church of the Philippines. It is located at the Episcopalian Mission compound and it was sanctified on the 8th of December 1921.

Behind of the church is the school of Saint Mary’s Highs School, the Calvary Hills and fifteen to twenty five minutes hike is the echo valley, and you can see the hanging coffins. You can pass by at the Sagada Cemetery before you reach to the echo valley. Truly a nice view at the back!

We were able to get inside the church because it was open and able to take some pictures in it. So lucky! And, minutes after the mass had begun. The church is quite small, but it simple and looks nice. The altar has rocks at the back which looks so different.

Church 1

This should not be missed when visiting the place!


  1. Nice to know and see this church. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. You're welcome Joy! Nakapunta ka na ba dito sa Sagada? ako hindi pa eh :(

  3. Hello Ms. Balut,

    Nahiya akong mag send ng entry, ang gaganda ng photographs nila. Anyway, I will try to take nice pictures tomorrow morning as I pass a temple going back to the city. Then I will write something and send it to you. I am so excited! Hi,hi,hi!

  4. Gusto ko makita ang mukha ni Marco...at kung tunay nga siyang gwapo, magpapakasal ako sa kaya jan sa Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin...hihihihihi... Miz u!

  5. Marco is indeed the "Diego" in Dora The Explorer hehe, kidding! :). He is one hell of a lucky guy for having the luxury of time saturating our archipelago. Perhaps, it's his cup of tea. Or he's just a well-off guy who's fortunate enough to do what he loves to do. I haven't been in the uppermost North (with Baguio as the exception) and I can sense that his experience is truly remarkable. Imagine, how he finds time to really run into details the place he's in - a quality every traveller must have I guess.

    Cheers for the good friendship you're maintaining with him. He's truly a good catch!

  6. I only envy the time he has for doing all these things that he does and sharing it to the world in his own unique ways. God bless him and all his adventures!

  7. Sana makapunta rin ako dyan sa Sagada at personal kung makita. nakakaengganyo yung mga pictures and text.

    totoo na sa pagba-blog, bibihira na yung kasabay mo noon at ngayon na nagba-blog pa rin. Siguro sa 10 nakasabay ko noon, .5 na lang yung nandyan.

  8. Ilang taon na kaya ang church na iyan.....good luck lagi kay Marco sa hilig niya...

  9. Sana pumasan pala tayo kay Soul Explorer ng nasama at nakita natin ang churches from Sagada :) Hope you had a meaningful Holy Week Balut :*

  10. Good looking AND well-mannered.... How does he do it? That's one beautiful church. Nothing fancy or pretentious. I like that.

  11. Wow! Flattering ang paglalarawan mo sakin. Lol!

    Thank you, Ms. B!


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