120/365: Goodbye April

30th of April

Goodbye April
I hate to see you go
Specially remembering how we started with all the fun and adventure.

Fun became an under statement when in the middle
I finally accomplished something that I haven't done
For the last four years to be exact

You gave me an almost 30-days of special memories
I was unsuspecting when you were about to leave
You surprised me with this sadness
Of saying goodbye to a dear special lady
Who will never again see your summer sun.

I was just wishing for some summer wind
But what I've got is a windy chill
I am not yet ready to let your summer sun go
But I have no choice but to welcome the rain.

Goodbye April...
Thank you for the memories,
I will cherish the good ones
and will try to bury the sad ones

Goodbye April...
See you next year
Maybe then you will be
The April that I used to know.


  1. Excited ako na matapos na din ang buwan ng Mayo :))))

  2. It's funny you should mention this. Just an hour ago, I found out it was May 1. I said, "Angie, is it May already?" It had sneaked up on me.

  3. They never go because they return back over and over again :)

  4. hmmm madamdaming April. ako rin roller coaster ang feeling ko sa April.

  5. It's nice to think that you were able to say goodbye to April through poem. I don't know but I feel my April is not well spent. I feel I didn't do some things as scheduled. Anyhow, May is welcoming and a new hope of making things happen is what I see in May. I hope I'll be able to do what I need to do

  6. Iba talaga pag may talento, madaling makapagcompose ng tula, writing a poem is very challenging. Siguro pag ako nito it will take 2 weeks. :)

    Goodbye April, goodbye all fools. I'm thinking of good memories last April but was surrounded with foolishness. Hope would be better next year.


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