152/365: The Viking From The North Talks About Norway’s Oldest Stave Church

1st of June

RoffeRoffe - The Viking From The North (Norway) is a long time blogger friend.  If I remember it right it has been since I started this blog.  He is one among the few long time blogger friends who still around and actively blogging. 

If you will check on Roffe’s site you will find that he’s been blogging for quite a long time now and he has several blog sites too.  His blogs have quite a number of regular visitors and followers.  No wonder Roffe’s sites also have good page ranks consistently.

I learned a lot about Norway from Roffe.  Its culture and tradition, food, occasion, season and a lot more.  Reading along Roffe’s post is like reading a concise encyclopedia about Norway.  He also shares his experiences and adventures outside Norway.  His blog site is very informative and entertaining at the same time.

What I admire about Roffe’s blog entries is his unique way of posting short yet so interesting posts.  Which is what I have been trying to learn.  He has this unique writing style that makes each entry brief, concise but interesting.   Awesome!

Take for example this guest blog post where he presented a very unique kind of church. 


Norway’s Oldest Stave Church

Roffe's Church
The ground under the Urnes stave church is sinking, and this national treasure in Sognefjord has begun to sink at its northern end.

During the summer of 2008, researchers from NTNU worked to determine how much the church could be lifted and stabilized without being ruined. At the same time, dendrochronologist Terje Thun took tree ring samples from the oldest wood. The samples confirm that the church was erected over a longer period in the 1130's.

At the same time it was shown that a portion of the church, - including the northern wall, with its spectacular carvings, was actually recycled material from another church that previously stood at the same spot. The youngest of these timbers were felled around year 1070.

Based on the wood samples, it is concluded that The Urnes Stave Church is the oldest Norwegian Church that has been dated.


Thank you so much Roffe for granting my request!  I hope you will never stop blogging and sharing your interesting entries to us.


  1. That's a very charming church - with lots of history :) Hopefully they find a way to stop it from sinking.

  2. That is amazing. I hope they can save it What a pity to lose such a historical monument.

  3. Wow! Nice to know about this church in Norway where I am:)

  4. You have to admit... Catholics know how to translate divine grandeur in human understanding. This church is beautiful and impreasive but not as majestic as my veloved Cattedrale del Santa Maria del Fiore or St. Peter's Basilica.

    But then, each church is unique and beautiful in its own.

    I can't really blame them. Protestant churches tend to be more simple and humble while Catholic churches are haughty and grand. I believe it has something to do with their ecclesiology or their doctrine on the church.

    Anyway, most churches in northern europe are made of wood. It's quite hard to conserve them and restore. I heard that certain institutions are working with some universities in the Philippines on a research about wood and how to concerve and restore them.

  5. Hope he visits the country someday. I checked his blog and he loves the nature as well. :)

  6. Unbelievable that anything made of wood can be that old. A very interesting shape too.


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