178/365: Wok With Balut: Vegie Omelette

27th of June

I woke up too early today and thought I could whip something in the wok for breakfast.  Maybe I’m feeling tired of eating quick breakfast of bread, butter, spreads cold cuts etc. And I don’t know but I’m starting to frown for consecutive mornings that I’m seeing my youngest pouring her favorite cereal on her bowl.  I don’t know but I’m not a cereal fan and I don’t sort of believe that kids get enough energy they need in the morning from a bowl of cereal.  I’m still biased with that rice and something in the morning.  I’m Filipino hey!

So with my eyes still half-close:

1. I grab some potato, carrots and chayote, butter and eggs from the fridge
2. Chopped the potato, carrots and chayote in small cubes
3. Sautee them altogether in just enough amount of butter
4. Beat eggs in a bowl then added some salt and seasoning
5. Pour some amount of the beaten eggs in the same pan where I sauteed the cube vegies.
6. Then added just enough amount of the buttered vegies on the half cooked egg.
7. Roll the eggs and voila!

Vegie Omelette

Kids and adults surely do enjoy this in the morning!  And mind you it’s healthy!

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