208/365: Sunday Thoughts and Photograph: Blame It On Your Own Discipline

27th July 2014
Don’t blame it on the weather,
Don’t blame it because the shoe fail,
Don’t blame it on any the circumstances.
Blame it on your own discipline!

2014 Milo Marathon

Reaching the finish line at fifteen minutes over my PR (personal record), I was so delighted to see the Finish Line marker at the 38th Milo Marathon.  This is my fourth year joining this most prestigious running event in the Philippines and every year has a new personal challenge.  This year is the most challenging because I am coming back from a six months break from running.  I was doubting myself if I could finish the race much more to beat the cut-off time for the 10K category.  I gained more than five kilos of weight and I haven’t been running as regularly as I used to.

Apart from gaining weight and lack of training, I was also exhausted the day before the race day because I had to do overtime work due to unavoidable circumstances at work.  Instead of resting my body I came home late stressed and exhausted the day before the race day.

On race day, I was wearing a pair of running shoes that I was not able to use during my on and off morning runs.  For a week I was wearing a pair that I plan to wear on race day.  However some three days before race day the pair had some defects – probably the result of being stocked in my shoe cabinet, unused for quite a while.  I have no choice but to wear another pair during race day and it has a sort of unfamiliar feel on my foot.

I always say that I run better when its raining or on a colder weather that’s why I was praying for some rain that day.  Instead the sun shone earlier than usual and the heat is a bit punishing by around 6:00AM.

These are some of the reasons that I was morosely thinking about to where I am attributing the reasons why I am unable to reach my PR.  But within myself I knew that these are all stupid alibis. Within myself I knew that had I been able to maintain my discipline and had I not been undisciplined and careless with my health for the last six months I will still be able to reach that PR.  I will also be a lot more fit-looking than today.

Yeah right!  Blame it on my own discipline.


  1. nachallenge naman ako bigla...tagal ko na gusto magpapayat ulit kaso dami ko alibi....thanks for inspiring me!

  2. yep thanks for inspiring me too Balut! Indeed it all boils down to us, to ourselves I mean - no alibis or excuse can take us off track if we're decided on something. Good thing is it's never too late! We can start now! Oh let me finish this bag of chips muna hehe :)

  3. Better luck next time! I did not run kasi sinumpong ako ng katamaran. Haha


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