224/365: Remembering Robin Williams as Patch Adams. (Insert Sad Face Here).

12th of August

Who doesn’t know Robin Williams? And who is not affected by his sudden demise?

Robin Williams probably won’t get the highest score for a survey question “Who is your favorite actor? “ Not because he is not popular in the “heartthrob-kind-of-way” but because he is an automatic favorite.  One need not say that he is a Robin Williams fan because everybody is a Robin Williams fan.  And I’m sure everyone can “dig” what I’m trying to say here.

I guess the best question when it comes to Robin Williams is “What is your favorite Robin Williams movie or character?.”   Genie (Aladdin)? Mrs. Doubtfire?  Bicentennial Man? Or Mork (and Mindy)?  I bet you won’t be able to pick one quickly because just like the man, his movie character(s) is as versatile as the actor.  He has this extra-ordinary talent that leaves a unique mark to anyone who watch his movies.  It’s like an “imprint”. 

Isn’t that when you pick a movie to watch and you saw that it is a Robin Williams film you need not check who are the other characters in the movie right?  Or who is the director or producer of the movie.  It’s like if it’s a “Robin Willams movie it must be good!”  Yes I know you got me!

I love all Robin Williams movies (and character) but there’s one movie that I hold dear to my heart.  In fact it is one among the movies included in my personal list of My Top Ten Favorite Movies Of All Time - PATCH ADAMS.

My original CD of the movie Patch Adams
Patch Adams

PATCH ADAMS is a character that I can not imagine being played by any actor other than Robin Williams.  Tailored-fit and perfect are understatements to say for Williams being Adams.  A character and story that is both cinematic and yet real.  A movie that can be entertaining and yet tragic at the same time.  A character that provides an equal amount of laughter and tears in just one movie.  All justified simply because Robin Williams is on this movie.

Aside from all the popular reasons, I have an extra personal reason why I love this movie and character.  I consider it as “healing” movie.

Some few years back I (almost) lost my trust in the medical profession.  It’s a long story that until now I don’t have the courage to completely share the details.  But let me just summarized that I almost died after undergoing a medical procedure.  I was trying to heal myself from the hatred to the country’s medical system and to the medical practitioners as well.  I found the movie Patch Adams and I was thankful. I was thankful that there’s a movie that the medical practitioners and its associations will (hopefully) chance upon to watch.  And I hope that they may get something out of it.

I love how the “medical practice” part of the movie is tackled.  I laughed so hard with the clown doctor character but his life and love tragedy broke my heart. 

Here’s a clip of one of my favorite scene from the movie Patch Adams.

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where, I love you straightforwardly without complexities or pride. I love you because I know no other way than this. So close that your hand, on my chest, is my hand. So close, that when you close your eyes, I fall asleep.”

I love you without knowing how…

RIP Robin Williams.  Thank you for all the memories.  The laughter… and the tears…  We are so saddened by our loss of one great talent.

Video credits: YouTube


  1. I find it shocking that no one ever mentions THIS movie.

    His death still needs to sink in, alright.


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