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Sunday Thoughts and Photographs: Calm and Serenity By The Bay

Yesterday Saturday was a mad day in the main avenues here in the city  and I myself was not spared from the chaotic experience.  Coming off from the last day of work for the week and carrying two boxes of pastries for my family, I dashed out of the office building and took a public transport with much excitement to start bonding with my family starting on this Saturday afternoon.  I’m already imagining the scene of me sitting relaxed with my family after taking a refreshing shower and enjoying a movie while indulging with the sweets I brought home. But that was far from the reality because the vehicle I’m on is not moving and it has been over 30 minutes.  I told myself  "relax, at least you’re in an air conditioned transport".  However, the 30 minutes dragged on to an hour, then two, and more….  to think that my regular commute to and from work on ordinary day is just 15 to 30 minutes only.  But today…tsk! Being used to running  and walking long distance I was tempted

Gone in 14 Minutes! Lebron James Rise Tour

Photo is from the email confirmation sent by Nile Philippines for the ticket claiming And I’m definitely coming! Remember my disappointment some two years back when my idol Lebron James came to visit Manila for the first time and I was not able to see him because I failed to get a ticket in spite that the tickets were for free?  Well this time I got lucky!  I am finally going to see my idol Lebron James in person!  Thanks to the people behind this tour who thought of  a different way of getting a ticket to James live appearance compared during the last visit.  They were probably overwhelmed from the humongous turn out of crowd during the first visit when the fans stayed overnight just to secure a ticket that will be distributed the following day at Nike Park in Bonifacio Global City in Tagig City.  How can I forget those people who endured the heavy rain and camped outside the Nike Park.  I even befriended some of them. This time the organizer provided a link where fans can