Gone in 14 Minutes! Lebron James Rise Tour

Photo is from the email confirmation sent by Nile Philippines for the ticket claiming
The King is Calling

And I’m definitely coming!

Remember my disappointment some two years back when my idol Lebron James came to visit Manila for the first time and I was not able to see him because I failed to get a ticket in spite that the tickets were for free?  Well this time I got lucky!  I am finally going to see my idol Lebron James in person! 

Thanks to the people behind this tour who thought of  a different way of getting a ticket to James live appearance compared during the last visit.  They were probably overwhelmed from the humongous turn out of crowd during the first visit when the fans stayed overnight just to secure a ticket that will be distributed the following day at Nike Park in Bonifacio Global City in Tagig City.  How can I forget those people who endured the heavy rain and camped outside the Nike Park.  I even befriended some of them.

This time the organizer provided a link where fans can get tickets. The registration is supposed to be from 9AM to 11:59PM on 14th August but guess what!  The registration closed 14 minutes after it opened!  Yes it was a freaking FOURTEEN MINUTES only!

I was at work during the designated registration time so what I did is to give (STRICT) instruction to my son that he should be online before 9:00AM and if he won’t be able to secure a ticket would mean a “No allowance for a month from me!’ Ha ha ha kidding.  My son is also a James fan so I’m sure he will do his best to get the tickets.

So lo and behold we have two tickets! 

Rise Beyond Belief

The idea is to get at least four tickets for the whole family.  But my sonny said that after his first successful registration there was an instant message that the registration is already full.  This was confirmed later by the people of Nike Park in Glorietta, Makati who emphasized how lucky we are to get at least two tickets. They were in fact very impressed that we were able to secure tickets.  They said that there are still a lot of people who are inquiring how to get tickets and most of them are willing to buy with a tempting price offer. Just like the first time huh!

Our tickets are “General Admission” but nevertheless I’m still happy about it.  Thanks to my angel who probably has one of the “fastest fingers” among the Lebron James fans ha ha. 

Obviously I’m very excited for this event that it motivated me to post again on this “home”.  It amused me big time that this event broke my blogging hiatus.  Well I hope the “breaking” will continue after the show and post another one so I can share my Lebron James experience with you all!


Basketball Superstar Lebron James is arriving in the Philippines for the second time on August 19, 2015 to take part in the Nike Rise training camp where he will mentor young Filipino basketball players. The announcement of the final “Rise” team is on August 20, 2015 at the MOA Arena.


  1. *FANGIRL MODE ON* for you Ms.B :) :)

    1. And I'm so guilty with that "fan girl" title gurL! ha ha


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