Random Thoughts: There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For Everyday – A Special Thanksgiving Post

I woke up today in a messy room and bed disoriented on what day is today.  I look at the calendar hanged from a distant wall but it made me more confused. Not that I’m suffering from an early stage of alzheimer’s, it’s just that for almost a week now I am working on night shift because I need to complete a training course for my new job appointment.  I haven’t been getting enough sleep probably because my body hasn’t been adjusted to the new schedule plus, I came from a company party last night. All of these factors made my body clock turned upside down.  I also have cough and cold since yesterday, probably the effect of fatigue and lack of sleep.  Sigh…I am stressed and sick I know.

As I attempted to call someone’s name, I realized there’s silence around the house.  Ah!   probably everyone already left.  As I look at the wall clock to check on time, I instantly confirmed that I’m alone at home by this time of the morning.

Walking out of bed I caught the view of stack of old boxes from the store room just outside our room. I saw the boxes as if they's are giving me an accusing look and telling me “waiting for you”.  They are the Christmas tree and décor boxes that has been waiting for me to set-up since mid-November (the usual date that I used to set them up).  And it is just 28 days before Christmas.  Sigh… gotta move my fat **s soon!  Yes I’m stressed, sick, alone at home with lots of clutter and behind with a lot of things.

As I go down and straight to the kitchen I saw more clutters.  Obviously, our family schedule is so messed up (specially mine) that no one is available to tidy up the house.  The funny thing this is that in spite of all the clutters it doesn’t bother or annoy me at all.  The untouched batch of hubby’s shoes in the stairways (he never learns to organize his shoes in the shoe racks) instantly reminds me that today is Friday because he is yet to be back tomorrow, Saturday from an out of town trip.  Sonny boy’s necktie which is obviously lazily thrown at the back of one of the dining table’s chair reminds me that he’s wearing casual outfit today and he’s done with his OJT interview.  The (not so) little girl’s rubber shows reminds me that she’s wearing her leather shoes today with her regular school uniform therefore it’s not PE day today.

DSC_0485All of these made me smile plus the sight I found in the kitchen table (which has more clutter than everywhere else).  Pandesal, ham, cheese and a (broken) sunny-side-up egg is waiting for me.  Aaah just in time for my growling tummy!  As I prepare my coffee, some thoughts made me smile the more.  I suddenly felt the kisses and whispers while I was asleep early this morning… those sweet kisses and whispers of "love yous'" while telling me that they need to leave for school. 

These all made me smile.  In spite of all the clutters in our lives, there will always be something to smile about or to be thankful for. Some things which are more important than being stress, sick and worried.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!  I know that this is an American tradition and is not an official occasion in the Philippines.  But heck at least it reminds us to be thankful for our blessings even the simplest ones.  Isn’t that by just waking up this morning alive is something to be thankful for?  So HAPPY THANKGIVING to all of you!  Whoever and whatever. Cheers!


But wait… What is that blazing red light blinking at the side of my home desk?


Oh jeez!  it’s my mouse!  Tsk tsk tsk…


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