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Sunday Story and Photograph: Me and Ed Sheeran on Mother's Day

I don't have Ed Sheeran in my saved Spotify playlist. Not because I don't like the guy or his music but, because I don't feel the need to add him on my personal saved playlist because you can literally hear his music EVERYWHERE! At work, in classy or cheap shops, taxis or any kind of commute or to whatever place that music can be played Ed is there. Almost all singers both famous, wannabes and you-tubers are doing covers of his music to the point of making his Perfect song IMperfect (sigh*). Anyway it's perfectly understandable.  Who wouldn't love Ed Sheeran?  Apart from him being a genius song writer and possessing an awesome voice that gets to your heart's core, the guy is also (freaking) adorable with his "all-time-casual-attitude, cutie smiles, ginger head plus looking like Ron Weasley. Personally, I love Ed Sheeran's music because most of them is written from the (his) heart meaning, they are all so so true.  They seem to be always written a