131/365: When You Lose A Mother The Mourning Never Stops. You Just Learn To Live With It.

11th of May - Mother's Day 
(An excerpts from a post originally featured on my Running blog… )

….The wind blew very softly and I smelled a familiar scent that never fails to make me emotional.  Ylang-ylang!


The ylang-ylang flower is my late mother's favorite flower.  She loves flowers but she loves the ylang-ylang scent the most.  I remember when I was young and she was sick I always pick ylang-ylang flowers from somewhere to bring home to her.  My heart smiles every time I see her smile while looking and smelling the ylang-ylang.  But all those times that I was bringing her ylang-ylang, she was always scolding me sweetly because she knew that it’s not easy to get those flowers.

The ylang-ylang flower bears from a tree unlike the ordinary plant-bearing flowers. It also grows in the wilderness. Back in the province I found an ylang-ylang tree in a distant farm from our neighborhood planted near the river side. Every time I have the chance I go to this place, climb the tree to pick some flowers so I can bring them home to my mother. My mother always reprimands me from doing this.  She said that the place is not safe for a girl and that she does not want me climbing trees. I had a minor accident from climbing an Alatires tree which she never forgets.


The face of my sick mother smiling while smelling the ylang-ylang flower is still vivid in my memory.  I was thinking while on my way back home from the run - I will never get tired of picking ylang-ylang from the wilderness as long as it brings smile to my mother.


I brought home some pieces of ylang-ylang from the park and scattered them on our family portrait’s table located near the door. When somebody enters they ask “What is that sweet smell?” In silence I answered “That is the scent of my mother”.

I love you 'Nay...
I HELD you till your last breath,
I will LOVE you till my last…


  1. Happy mother"s to you Balut..

  2. That must've been tough. Thanks for sharing that. Girls who climb trees are special.

  3. I have an Ylang Ylang tree in my garden but it isn't the tall one. It is planted in a big pot and bear flowers all year long. I also have champak which perfumes my garden with such sweet smelling scent. Both are also my late mom's favourite. I remember her buying sampaguita garlands but will insists on either ylang ylang or champak attached. We are both lucky because nature reminds us of our moms. They are both happy taking care of us from Heaven.

  4. Happy Mother's Day! Alam mo talaga na ang bawat salita na ginamit sa post na ito ay galing sa puso. Speaking of "scent", mas marami akong naalala sa mga nakaraan sa pamamagitan ng amoy kesa sa music.

  5. :)

    Hugs Balut! Happy Mother's Day to you :)

  6. I've never smelt it before, but it sounds nice.


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