137/365: Fresh From Budapest The (Not So) Wholesome Kid Talks About A Church Inside A Cave Called Sziklatemplom

17th of May

“Shameless syet” , “inorgasm”, “kilig-b*y*g”, “k*nt*t”, “lamp*ngan” are some of the the regular words being used by the smart-cracking-mouth of this young guy on his social media statuses and on his blog  which by the title itself is a warning - Hindi Ito Wholesome (This Is Not Wholesome).

My apologies to my foreign readers because there are no decent exact translation for the opening words to the English language.  If I will find one and translate them for you my blog might be re-classified ha ha!

If you judge this kid through his words probably you will never like understand him.  I honestly cringed during the first time that I was coming across his statuses and blog posts.  But when you read beyond words you will realize that they are logical and sensible.  I took it that this kid uses words to emphasize his points which I think is very effective.  Plus his presence in the blogosphere by his own unique way of expression serves as a balance versus the abundance of the “goody-goody” blog sites. “Pang-balanse ika nga at maiba naman.”

Funny thing is that, in spite of this kid’s blatant way of expression I found it very contrasting to his angelic face.  Meet Cyron – tadaah!

Cyron's talent came in bundle.  Aside from his talent in writing he is also very good in art.  And attention ladies – he is SINGLE! (as far as I know ha ha).  Go get your passports and chase him in Hungary  

Cyron collage

I had the chance to be in conversed with Cyron a few times because we share the same love for cats.  From there I found that there’s really a sweet boy behind those censored-risk-defying-expression (lol).

Now considering how Cyron expressed himself do you think it was easy for me to ask him to be my guest blogger and write about something that is related to ”holy” ?  Yep!  I did not hesitate!,  In fact he is one among the first people that I asked because I am certain that behind those “censored-risk-defying-way-of-expression is an intelligent and sensible sweet boy. 

And I was not wrong.  After clarifying some details about my invitation his “orgasmic” reply was “look forward for my post”.

So here it is for the first time in history!  Fresh from Budapest the Wholesome Cyron! 

~ *** ~

When it comes to places of worship, Budapest (Hungary) is rich in historic places of it representing many faiths and traditions. I have been living here for more than 10 years now and I must say this country is a must to visit here in Europe.

The spire, tower, dome or minaret is usually the most distinctive feature in any village or urban neighborhood, and often is the most significant historic building.  Fortunately, most are still used for worship, and some have found new sympathetic uses.  But investment in their care is also a significant responsibility, so congregations and communities can find it difficult to raise funds and maintain the buildings and their beautiful decorations and furnishings.  For the tourists and visitors, it is not easy to find interesting places of worship or learn of their history. 

As a person living here in the city, this is one of my favorite places of worship. To be tell the truth, I am a religious person in away that I don’t schedule myself to go to church on Sunday but instead just go in whenever I have a time and feel like to be alone and talk to myself and to God.



Sziklatemplom pronounce as ’Sikla Templom’ or Cave Church is one of the unique church in Budapest, Hungary. It is located inside of the hill called Gellért Hill. It was founded in 1926, by a group of Pauline monks after a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France.

If you are not familiar, Budapest is home to a number of natural caves and cellar systems formed by thermal springs.

This church is not your typical church with high ceilings and gilded interior. The altar itself is located at the entrance of the cave and the congregation was seated outdoors on the terrace.






According to the legend, used to be, this place was a place for healing. Some time in the medieval ages there was a hermit called Ivan who cured many people with the thermal healing waters that kept flowing from the underground hot springs from the karst caves of the Gellert Hill. At that time the name of the hill was ‘Pest
Hill’ pest pronounce as ‘pesht’ – meant ‘cave’ in the Slavic languages, and Hungarians used the Slavic word for this area (part of Budapest now) indicating that the natural cave existed many centuries ago. St Ivan cave was not too big, so to make the church more spacious, there was a series of explosions carried out.

During World War II, the church served as a hospital and asylum. After the war, the monks were arrested and their superior, father Ferenc Vezér was sentenced to death by the Communist regime.


~ *** ~

By the way if you need more amusement and laughter in life you may want to tumble with Cyron here.


  1. Wow ang ganda naman! :) Mala Tomb Raider ang dating!

  2. Interesting! I, myself, plan to visit Hungary maybe in two years time and will explore what there are to explore and see. Great job Cyron, hindi nga bagay itong post na ito sa blog mo.

  3. Wow and wow! Ganda naman ng.church na yan.
    Actually nasa lista ko na puntahan Budapest:) one day with my hubby:)
    Good work angel face:)

  4. A cave church... is that a fact? Well, it sure looks impressive and beautiful.

  5. unique church, ganda! :)

    anyway, sorry msB, di talaga makakuha ng timing para sa request mo, kahit sa blog ko eh almost 2 months bago na-update ulit. sensya na... :(

  6. Wonder how long that cave took to be hollowed out.

    Also, thanks for the offer to be a guest blogger, but I can't. I just don't have time, thank you though!

    1. WHAT! No time? You're a student.... You should have plenty of time, Damian! See, now I'm blue again....


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